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Wrld Hist Exm Review

Chapter 2 Review

Why did the southern tip of Africa become known as the Cape of Good Hope? Rounding it gave sailors a direct sea route to Asia
The Line of Demarcation divided the world trade and exploration rights between which two powers? Spain and Portugal
How did European expansion of the slave trade effect African states in the 1600s and 1600s? African States competed to dominate the slave trade.
Who were the Boers? Dutch farmers who settled around Cape Town.
In Ming China, why did European traders pay for Chinese silks and porcelains in gold or silver instead of exchanging goods. The Chinese did not want inferior European trade goods.
After the Japanese, and later the Manchus, invaded Korea, the Koreans responded by doing what? Excluding foreigners from their nation.
When the first European traders arrived in the 1500's, the Japanese responded by doing what? Welcoming trade with the West.
The first Europeans to challenge Portuguese domination of Asian trade were who? The Dutch.
In the 1400s, Europeans searched for new trade routes to obtain valuable spices that came mainly from where? The Moluccas
How did Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias seek a route to Asia in 1460? He rounded the southern tip of Africa.
The islands that Christopher Columbus explored in his voyage in 1492 later became known as what? The West Indies
How, in 1513, did the Spanish adventurer Vasco Nunez de Balboa reach the Pacific Ocean? By traveling overland through Panama.
How did Europeans usually acquire African captives for the slave trade? The relied on African traders to bring captives to African ports.
By trading in gold and slaves, Osei Tutu helped to build which powerful kingdom/empire? Asante Kingdom
T or F: Cape Town was the first place Europeans traded slaves in Africa. F (It was, however, the first permanent European settlement in Africa)
In the early 1500s, what method did Afonso de Albuquerque use to establish Portuguese outposts in India? He burned coastal towns and destroyed Arab fleets.
What did the Manchus do to effectively rule China? Accepted the Confucian system of government.
In the mid 1600s, which nation captured Malacca from the Portuguese and developed a monopoly on trade in the Spice Islands? The Netherlands
Why did Japanese shoguns turn against foreign traders in the mid 1500s? Japan saw foreigners as a threat after Spain seized the Philippines.
Under what condition did the Ming rulers allow limited trade with the Europeans? That the Europeans would leave at the end of the trading season.
What was a Portuguese trading post in Ming China? Macao
What company was formed by a group of wealthy merchants that had full sovereign powers? The Dutch East India Company
Who led an expedition that became the first to circumnavigate the Earth? Ferdinand Magellan
Who united his people by claiming that they shared spiritual bonds? Osei Tutu
Who led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal? Prince Henry
Who was a ruler of Kongo who tried to halt the slave trade in his hands? Affonso I
What is the name of an island off the coast of India that was seized by the Portuguese in 1510? Goa
What is the name of an island chain once called the Spice Islands? Moluccas
What is the name of the new dynasty that ruled China after the decline of the Ming Dynasty? Qing
What is the name of a coastal city of East Africa that was an important trade center? Mombasa
Created by: 12cfonner