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Cold War Review

Review games for the Cold War Unit Test

A theory of organizing society where the government owns all property. Often, a single political party controls power. Communism
A theory of organizing society where individuals or companies own property. Usually is practiced in democracies. Capitalism
The period of tension between the USA and USSR based on their opposing ideologies from 1945-1991 was called the ______________ Cold War
By the end of World War II the U.S. and USSR had assumed the roles of the only two_______________ in the world. Superpowers
At which conference were the decisions made to give Vietnam back to France after the War and to split Korea at the 38th Parallel? Yalta Conference
This was a U.S. policy that gave significant economic aid to the war-torn European countries. Marshall Plan
Winston Churchill said that an _____________________ had been dropped between Western and Eastern Europe. Iron Curtain
This created the United States' policy of Containment for the rest of the Cold War. Truman Doctrine
This was the Soviets' attempt to cut off Western influence in Berlin. It lasted almost a year. Berlin Blockade
This was the U.S. and U.K.'s response to the Berlin Blockade in which they provided food and other resources to Western Berlin via airlift. Berlin Airlift
This organization was created as a major alliance during the Cold War that is still the largest alliance in the world today. NATO
This was the communist world's response to NATO. (An alliance) Warsaw Pact
What was the wall that was built to split a city in half between East and West? It famously was taken down in 1989. Berlin Wall
What were the two policies enacted by Mikhail Gorbachev that restructured the USSR to allow for more openness of their government and less government control of the economy? Perestroika and Glastnost
When was the Cold War? 1945-1991
M.A.D: The idea that neither side will use their nuclear weapons because they know that the other side will react by sending nuclear bombs too, which will result in the destruction of both sides. Mutually Assured Destruction
This was a period of incredible high tension during the Cold War when a newly communist country close to the U.S. was given nuclear weapons by the USSR. This was possibly the closest the world came to nuclear war. Cuban Missile Crisis
What was the United States' failed attempt to invade Cuba in 1961 called? Bay of Pigs Invasion
Who was the leader of Cuba after its Communist Revolution in 1959? Fidel Castro
What nation imperialized Korea before WWII? Japan
What country imperialized Vietnam before WWII? France
Where was North and South Korea divided? 38th Parallel
Who was the communist leader of North Korea? Kim il-Sung
Who supported North Korea during the Korean War? China and Soviet Union
Who supported South Korea during the Korean War? United States
What was the policy that brought the United States into both the Korean and Vietnam wars? Containment (Truman Doctrine)
What was the result of the Korean War? An Armistice (Ceasefire) at the 38th Parallel
Who was the leader of the North Vietnamese Communists (Viet Minh)? Ho Chi Minh
What was the result of the Vietnam War? North and South Vietnam were united under Communism
Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge who enacted four years of genocide in Cambodia? Pol Pot
What was the name of the Communist group that was responsible for four year of genocide in Cambodia? Khmer Rouge
Who were specifically targeted during the Cambodian Genocide? Intellectuals, Religious Leaders, and Teachers.
Created by: Agreea1