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World War I

1. What are the main causes of World War I? 2. Militarism, alliance systems, imperialism, nationalism
3. What sparked World War I? 4. Assassination of Francis Ferdinand
5. What is the German naval buildup an example of? 6. militarism
7. What was the source of the internal problems in Austria-Hungary? 8. Nationalism
9. What nations made up the Triple Alliance? 10. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
11. Which Triple Alliance member dropped out when war began? 12. Italy
13. What nations made up the Triple Entente? 14. France, Britain, and Russia
15. What encouraged the Austrians to declare war on Serbia? 16. German Blank Check
17. What was the German war plan? 18. Schlieffen Plan
19. What country was the first to mobilize its troops? 20. Russia
21. What country did Germany invade to get to France? 22. Belgium
23. What battle ruined the German war plan? 24. 1st Battle of the Marne
25. What did trench warfare on the Western Front cause? 26. A stalemate
27. What was some of the new technology used in World War I? 28. Poison gas, tanks, airplanes, submarines
29. What front has shifting battle lines rather than trench warfare? 30. Eastern Front
31. What group of people suffered genocide in Turkey costing over 600,000 lives? 32. Armenians
33. What did colonial people hope their military service would lead to? 34. Independence
35. What do you call the kind of war that includes conscription, forced civilian labor, civilian targets, rationing, production goal-setting, and price setting? 36. Total war
37. What caused America to enter the war? 38. German submarine warfare and the Zimmerman note
39. What do you call the spread of ideas to promote a cause? 40. Propaganda
41. How were women involved in World War I? 42. Factory work, farming, and nursing
43. Why did Russia drop out of the war? 44. Bolshevik Revolution
45. What was Wilson’s plan called? 46. Fourteen Points
47. What did Wilson want for Eastern Europe? 48. Self-determination
49. What did Wilson want to organize to prevent future wars? 50. League of Nations
51. What was the impact of World War I on Germany? 52. Economic hardship and loss of colonies
53. What was the impact of World War I on Austria-Hungary? 54. Empire broke up
55. What was the impact of World War I on Russia? 56. Communists took over
57. What was the impact of World War I on Ottoman Empire? 58. Empire broke up
59. What was the impact of World War I on the United States? 60. Increased global influence
61. What was the WWI impact on imperialism? 62. It weakened colonial powers
63. Where were peace terms decided? 64. Paris Peace Conference
65. What treaty blamed Germany for WWI and ordered reparations? 66. Treaty of Versailles
67. What political camp led the March in Russia? 68. Moderates
69. What political camp led the October or November Revolution? 70. Bolshevik Communists
71. Who was the first leader of the Bolshevik government? 72. Lenin
73. Who led the White Army that fought against the Communists? 74. Kerensky
75. Who led the Red Army for the Communists? 76. Trotsky
77. How did Lenin compromise instead of enforcing “pure” communism? 78. New Economic Policy (NEP)
79. Who became the Soviet leader after Lenin died? 80. Stalin
81. How many died due to World War I? 82. about 20 million
83. How many died due to the 1918 flu pandemic? 84. Over 20 million (more than WWI)
Created by: Mr McNair