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What is a religious order? a group of people who live by rules specific to their order.
Who was Francis of Assisi? a mendicant frier
Who combined classical philosophy with Christian teachings? Thomas Aquinas
Emperor Henry IV had a conflict with whom? Pope Gregory VII
Which of the following is true of the clergy? They were people given priestly authority by the church
Who was excommunicated from the Church? Emperor Henry IV
Who took control of Jerusalem in 1071? Seljuk Turks
What was the effort to take over the Holy Land? Crusade
What was the popes' reason to call for help by the Byzantine emperor in 1096? Crusade
What became known as the Black Death? bubonic plague
Who helped lead the French to victory in the 1400's? Joan of Arc
What war mainly took place in France? Hundred Years' War
What weapon changed how wars were fought? Long Bow
What caused millions of people to die? bubonic plague
What could penetrate knights' armor? Long Bow
Who was a remarkable military leader? Joan of Arc
What did the Magna Carta guaruntee? right of trial by jury
Who signed the Magna Carta? King John
What was the Parliament made up of? nobility, high-ranking church officials, and representatives from towns
What was the right of the people to not be imprisoned unlawfully? habeas corpus
What angered the members of England's nobility? King John
What weakened the power of the English king? Parliament
How did Pope Gregory settle the conflict with Henry IV? He excommunicated Henry
What role did the Seljuk Turk play in the beginning of the Crusades? They attacked the Byzantine Empire
How did the wars of the Crusades end? After nearly 200 years, the Muslims drove the Crusaders out of Palestine.
Why was the bubonic plague known as the Black Death? Victims developed dark spots on their skin
What was the advantage of the longbow and gunpowder weapons? They could defeat knights in armor
What was a series of religious wars by Christian armies to capture Palestine? Crusades
What did the Haveas Corpus do? Protects people from being sent to prison without trial
Who was a Muslim political leader that united Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and other parts of Southwest Asia, and recaptured Jerusalem? Saladin
Who was a devout French Catholic that led the French to victory against the English at the battle of Orleans in 1429? Joan of Arc
What did the Inquisition do? Court held by church to punish people, especially Jews and Muslims,whose religious beliefs differed from church teachings
True or False? Francis of Assisi was a devout French Catholic that led the French to victory against the English at the battle of Orleans in 1429 and later declared a saint. False
True or False? Thomas Aquinas was a Muslim political military leader who untied Egypt and Syria. False
True or False? The Hundred Years' War protected people from being sent to prison without a trial. False
True or False? The Magna Carta as a 1215 document that listed the rights of citizens and limited the English monarch. Rights included trial by jury, no taxation without representation, and habeas corpus. True
What was the effort to drive Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula? Reconquista
Who returned Jerusalem to Muslim control? Saladin
What was used to try people who opposed the Church? inquisition
What kind of students did the cathedral schools attract? sons of European nobles
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