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Carnegie MOPS Final

MOPS WINTER Final Review

the most common thailand system in a doctor's offices lateral self filing
a file with the names of the month and numbered 1 -31 in chronological order is a Tickler file
a specialized meal service which guarantees next day delivery is called Express Mail
Express Mail needs to be mailed before 5 p.m.
vital papers such as titles, dean or legal docs should be capped kept indefinitely
you do not have to save payroll receipts forever
placing a mark indicating that the record is ready for filing is called releasing
removing clips staples from documents before filing them is called conditioning
to avoid lawsuits for a band instrument negligence doctors usually use a answering machine or answering service
T/F telephone answering services are available 24 hours a day and require a phone call at the end of the day to initiate their services true
the most frequently received call to the office is to make an appointment or cancellation
male notations such as personal or please forward are typed underneath return address
once a fax is received it should immediately be delivered to the person whose name is on the cover sheet
T/F The cover sheet is the first sheet of faxed info that contains your name the office name and date and time true
when taking phone messages be discrete tactful and complete
when taking phone messages to write down the patient's name, phone number and who the message is for and the reason for the phone call
does alphabetical filing require a backup system? No
T/F numeric filing is the most confidential true
unit 1 equals last name or surname
unit 2 stands for first name or given name
which type of filing system makes the best use of space? Lateral shelf filing
what is used when removing a file from the shelf in a large clinic? Out Guide
what is written on an Out Guide date and department
what is cheaper than parcel post Media Mail
can money orders from US Post Office be replaced if lost? Yes
Created by: ma2b