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Finals study

Nature & Perspectives of Geography

Human Geography study of human activities from spatial context
All places have... location, direction and distance w/ respect to other places
Places may be... large or small---scale is important
Places have both... physical structure and cultural content
Characteristics of places... develop and change over time
Elements of places interact with other places
Content of places is... rationally organized
Places ma be classified into... regions w/ similarities & differences
Location postion on Earth's surface
Absolute location exact position of space
Longitude and latitude used to describe a point on earth in reference to degrees, minutes and seconds
Relative location position of place in relation to another place ...conveys interconnection and interdependence b/t different places
Site describes physical and cultural characteristics of location
Situation describes where location is in reference to surrounding features in larger region
Scale relationship b/t size of feature as depicted on a map and the size of feature in actuality
Map 2d rep. of variables on earth's surface
Spatial tradition -Emphasis on movement and location -Deals w/ shape of land
Mental map an image in one's mind about an area, location or environment
General Purpose/references maps display variety of variables in an area
Region an area w/unifying characteristics
Formal region and area that can be identified by its homogeneous cultural or physical characteristics
Functional region an area in which there is a center from which social or economic activities spread
Perceptual region an area not defined by any set of physical data, but by human conception of the area
thematic map rep. single variable over an area... -dot, choropleth, isoline, and symbol
4 Traditions of geography American perspectives
Spatial Tradition -emphasis on movement and location -deals w/ shape of land
Area studies Tradition -emphasis on region, place and history\ -deals w/ physical and cultural characteristics
Man-land tradition -emphasis on relationship b/t external conditions and human actions -overlaps w/ Area Studies Tradition
Earth Science Tradition -emphasis on geology -deals with how physical systems affect humans...hydrological cycle, wind patterns...etc.
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