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World History Midter

9th grade world history midterm

How did Greece's geography affect its history? It was very mountainous, so it protected itself from outside invaders.
Who were the Minoans and was their chronology? 2800-1400 BCE
Where did the Minoans live and what was their capital? The island of Crete, the capital was Knososs
Describe the Moinoan Civilization. * lived on a island*2800-1400 BCE* polytheistic*trade
When did the Myceneans overthrow the Minoans? 1400 BCE
When was the rise of the Greek city-states? 700-338 BCE
What is a polis? describe its sructure. Polis is another word for city-state. polis had: acropolis, agora (market place), homes, farming, villages, etc.
Define oligarchy. Form of government where a small group has control.
Who created the first democratic constitution and when was it created? Cleishenes-- 508 BCE
Describe the Athenian governmental strucute. At the top was Pericles. Then below him were The Assembly, Ten Generals, and Council of 500.
Why was the temple at Delphi important? Because of the Oracle.
Name 3 Greek Gods and goddesses and their area of expertise. Where did they live? 3 examples --* Zeus- king of the gods* Herra - goddess of marriage* Apollo - god of the sunall gods lived on Mount Olympus
Describe the Philosophies of Socrates and Plato. Socrates- questioned everythi9ng, used step by step questioning untill came to final answer. executed for denying gods, corrupting youth, and trying to "overthrow" the government.Plato- pupil of Socrates, recorded speeches for him. founded the academy.
Describe the Philosophies of Aristotle. Pupil of Plato at the Academy. trained in medicine. first to classify animals.
What is the chronology og Classical Greece? 700-324 BCE
When were the Persian Wars? Name at least 1 of the major battles. 490-479 BCE, Marathon.
What is the classical Greek ideal? That all bodies are symetrical.
When was the Golden " Age of Pericles"? Why is it significant? 460-429 BCE. Restoreation of Athens. Pericles encouraged democracy. Pathenon was built.
What was life like in Sparta? Everyone was trained to be in the military.
What marks the beginning of "Hellenistic" Greece? spread of culture
Who is Alexander the Great? Greece Ruler
Describe the extent of Alexander the Great's EMpire. Thebes -> Indus River Valley
Created by: girlslovepynk