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ForgottenFire Peeps

The characters from Forgotten Fire

Vahan Kenderian Youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenderian. Main character and narrator.
Sisak Kenderian Vahan's brother (older)
Tavel Kenderian Vahan's brother (older than Sisak, 17)
Diran Kenderian Vahan's brother (older than Tavel, 19)
Oskina Kenderian Vahan's sister
Armenouhi Kenderian Vahan's other sister
Mrs. Meera Kenderian Vahan's mother
Mr. Sarkis Kenderian Vahan's father
Uncle Mumpreh Vahan's uncle, Sarkis' Brother
Grandmother (Toumia) Vahan's grandmother who is the most respected family member lives with the family in Bitlis until they are evicted.
Mariam Kenderian family's cook
Karnig Kenderian family's houseman
Pattoo Vahan's best friend
Mrs. Estelle Altoonian Pattoo's mother, who goes mad after her husband and son are killed and starts talking to herself.
Gendarmes Take away Armenians
Selim Bey Ex governor of Van: in charge of Armenian murders
Seranoush Young girl that moved into Vahan’s stable at Kars. Entertainment for the soldiers.
General Khalil Crazy father of Selim Bey. Loves his garden.
Mrs. Mahari servant for General Khalil. Brings Vahan food and warns him about the general.
Galib Vahan’s new name in the Turkish village
Mustafa Turkish refugee that does not believe Vahan’s lie. Killed the sheep.
Shirin Mustafa’s daughter. Sits with Vahan. Learns of his secret. Sheared the sheep and gave them names.
Kiazin friend from Turkish village. Small, with violent eyes, who hunted with his younger brother, Reshid.
Reshid Kiazim’s younger brother
Yakup friend from Turkish village. Spoke with great energy and humor.
Aziz friend from Turkish village. Taught Galib how to tend the sheep.
Ahmet friend from Turkish village. Aziz’s brother, liked to drink wine and fire his rifle at the sky
Sait made faces for Galib to laugh at
Ara Sarkisian Old man who takes in Vahan in Sivas. Helps him find a home.
Serop Ara Sarkisian’s apprentice. Unable to move legs
Mrs. Fauld Woman who runs the Mission. Takes in Vahan
Spiros Koulouris Shelters and helps Vahan get a boat ticket to Constantinople
Dr. Tashian Stern and quite doctor who silently resents the German Consul who he must serve as a private physician in his old house
Mrs. Tashian Often plagued with violent head aches but still a creative, loving house wife with a great understanding of the world
Gagik A boy Vahan meets and stays with on the boat trip
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