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Rome Test Practice

Questions to study for the test

The Roman Empire, at its largest surrounded which sea? Mediterranean
Which best describes a republic? Citizens have the right to vote and choose their leaders
The Senate was made up of Patricians
Julius Caesar's death marked The end of the Roman Republic
What is the Pax Romana 200 years of Peace in Rome
Religion based on the teaching of Jesus Christianity
How is the Jewish faith related to Christianity Jesus was born a Jew
Why was it dangerous to hire mercenaries They do not feel loyalty to Rome
Who were the plebians? Common Roman citizens
What was a significant achievement of the Romans? Aquaducts
Why were the Christians persecuted They refused to worship the emporers
Who made Christianity equal to other religions and banned persecution of Christians. Constantine
Which was something the Visigoths did to capture Rome? Cut off its food supply
What 3 types of government were found in Rome? Monarchy, Republic, Empire
A ruler with complete control is a dictator
Rome's first code of laws was called The Twelve Tables
Language of Rome Latin
Christianity divided into what 2 churches? Byzantine Orthodox and Roman Catholic
What caused the fall of Rome? Invasions, Bad rulers, Dividing the Empire, Weakened military, Weak economy
Art of Rome mosaics, murals, statues
Created by: asettlemire