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Mid-term Review

flashcards for two people study

What was the earliest system of laws ever recorded? Hammurabi’s Code
What type of government in which rule is based on religious authority? Theocracy
What were the beliefs of the prophet Zoroaster that was similar to later concepts of Christianity and Islam? Belief in Angels and a “Satan-like” figure
What was the main reason that the Phoenicians needed a phonetic alphabet? Their merchants needed a way to keep track of their sales clearly and quickly
What was the Egyptian system of writing? Hieroglyphics
What was true about literature and the performing arts in India during the reign of Chandra Gupta II? it flourished and thrived as it was one of India’s best traits,until around A.D. 500
What do Hinduism and Buddhism have a common belief in? Reincarnation
What is the name for the kind of government that Shi Huangdi formed? Autocracy
What was the underlying objective that gave rise to the Chinese philosophies of Confucius, Laozi, and the Legalists? They all wanted to bring back order,harmony,and respect for authority in China
What is the name given to the seasonal winds in India? Monsoon Winds
What is a republic? the form of government in which the citizens select their leaders
What achievements are the Romans most known for? engineering,law,Latin language,architecture
What made Christianity such a popular religion during Roman times? embraced all people,promised eternal life,extensive extensive roads helped it spread,and it offered personal relationship with God
What factors caused the Roman empire to fall apart? growing gap between rich and poor,lack of public interest in the government,now more wealth coming in from new conquests,high taxes,high inflation,military lacked discipline and training
How did the Byzantine Empire influence Russia? similar law code,art,and architecture,written language using Cyrillic alphabet,introduced Orthodox Christianity,led to close relationships between the church and government
What was the importance of Justinian’s law code? it brought order to the Byzantine Empire and later influence laws in both Eastern and Western Europe
What traits made Genghis Khan such a successful ruler of the Mongols?
According to Muslims, who is Mohammad?
What factors made it possible for Muslims to create an international trade network?
What do Sunni and Shi'a Muslims disagree about?
At what events does cultural blending most likely take place at?
What was one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present?
How were feudalism and the manor system related?
What issue did popes and kings fight over?
What role did the church play in the middle ages?
What were the results of the Commercial Revolution?
What is Ibn Sina known for developing?
What was the most likely cause for the Bantu migrations?
What two products dominated trade throughout Western Africa?
What does religions syncretism involve?
What helped aid trade between Africa and India?
What contributed most to the decline of Native American civilizations in Latin America after the arrival of European explorers?
What is one way in which the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas were similar?
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
Why was Leonardo da Vinci considered the ultimate Renaissance man?
What two ancient cultures did Humanists focus their work on?
What was an immediate result of the Protestant Reformation?
How did the Catholic Church respond to the Reformation?
What was the purpose of the Act of Supremacy?
What were the effects of the invention of the printing press?
Who was the first explorer to circumnavigate the world?
What was the astrolabe?
What was one similarity between the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan and the system of feudalism in medieval Europe?
What was the cause of the population boom in China during the 1600s and 1700s?
Created by: jerrod conley