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Cold War Midterm

Cold War History

Orthodox Scholars scholars that blamed Stalin and his his aggressive approach for the Cold War
Revisionist Scholars scholars that blamed the US for the Cold War because of the use of atomic weapons, belligerent policies, and market expansion
Post-Revisionist Scholars scholars that blamed neither side completely for the Cold War, both were at fault
School of Triumphalism America wins and democracy stands
American Ideology Liberty, Market, Manifest Destiny
Liberty reluctance to accept centralized power
Market unfettered exchange of goods and services, free market
Manifest Destiny America's duty to spread democracy and American influence
Soviet Communism Origins Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
Kennan Telegrams America should see any attempt by Russia to spread as a direct attack on democracy, eluded to the idea of containment, Russia was developing but do not ignore them
Roberts Telegram constructive democracy for W Europe, each country should fight communism individually, Britain wanted a close alliance with the US, saw that democracy and communism were incompatible
Novikov Telegram US needs to stop employing war tactics, foreign involvement was suspicious, Russia believed America was vying for world supremacy
Potsdam Conference decided on what to do with Germany, moved Polish borders, Truman hints at the atomic bomb, Russia promises to help with Japanese war if it is not over by August 8
Division of Germany demilitarization, 4 zones (US,USSR,France,Britain), industrialize, do everything to prevent another German uprising
Poland Polish borders were moved west, Stalin used his new territory as a buffer zone, people of Poland were forced to move
JApan Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan cannot have a standing army, US occupation, US military bases
"Iron Curtain" Speech Winston Churchill coined the term Iron Curtain in Fulton MO (Truman's hometown) and painted the Soviet Union as taking over Europe
The Truman Doctrineis help any country being threatened by authoritarian or oppressive regimes
Civil War in Greece Churchill pushes the US, 1st implementation of the Truman Doctrine, Greece stays democratic
The Marshall Plan June 5, 1947 - the Truman Doctrine in action, this offered monetary support for European/Asian countries that were being threatened by authoritarian regimes and for those countries that needed help rebuilding their economies after WWII
Andrei Zhandov Soviet propaganda leader who founded the cominform and established the "Two Camp Theory"
Two Camp Theory theory that communism and democracy were fundamentally incompatible
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) military alliance of western countries
FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) made up of the western military zones of France, Britain, and US after the division of Germany
GDR (German Democratic Republic) Soviet Unions portion of Germany after division
NSC (NAtional SEcurity Council) established with the National Security Act of 1947, this was an advisory committee to the President, CIA, and military
NSC-68 written by Paul Nitze as an idea for potential foreign policy when dealing with the Soviet Union, called for isolation, massive military build up, war, and/or keeping things as they are
Yalu River separated N Korea and China, Douglas McArthur was ordered not to cross because of the potential threat of the Chinese joining the war effort in N Korea.
Panmunjam Armistice ended the Korean War with a ceasefire
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