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Stack #186889

12th Worldviews (Underwood) Mid-Term

Decalogue Greek name for the Hebrew Ten Commandments
Torah Hebrew name for the first five books of the Bible
Yahweh Hebrew Name for God
John Calvin French reformer who set up a theocracy in Geneva
Henry VII English reformer who set up the Church of England
Martin Luther German reformer who nailed up the 95 theses to the Church doors at Wittenburg, Germany on Oct 31, 1519
New Age a more common name for Cosmic Humanism
Eupraxophy Centers centers for Secular Humanists to gather and discuss ideas
General Revelation God’s communication about Himself to all peoples at all times in all places
Special Revelation God’s particular manifestations about Himself that are available now only through consultation of the sacred Scriptures
Islam means 'submission'
Muslim means 'one who submits'
Religious Pluralism the idea that all religions should be tolerated because no particular one can be correct
Gaia Hypothesis the belief that the whole earth and the whole universe is really one organism
Thesis old way of doing things
Antithesis new way of doing things
Synthesis compromised way of doing things
Deconstruction the belief that a writing should not be studied for what it was intended but is open completely to however the reader wishes to read it
Origin of Morality, according to Christians from God's character
Second Law of Thermodynamics while the amount of energy in the universe is always the same, the amount of usable energy is always decreasing
Intermediate Forms 'species between species'
Christianity's Theology Trinitarian Theism
Islam's Theology Unitarian Theism
Secular Humanism's Theology Atheism
Marxism's Theology Atheism
Cosmic Humanism's Theology Pantheism
Postmodernism's Theology Atheism/Agnosticism
Christianity's Philosophy Supernaturalism
Islam's Philosophy Supernatualism
Secular Humanism's Philosophy Naturalism
Marxism's Philosophy Naturalism
Cosmic Humanism's Philosophy Non-naturalism
Postmodernism Anti-realism
Christianity's Ethics Moral Absolutes
Islam's Ethics Moral Absolutes
Secular Humanism's Ethics Moral Relativism
Marxism's Ethics Proletariat Morality
Cosmic Humanism's Ethics Karma
Postmodernism's Ethics Cultural Relativism
Young Earth Creationism Belief that the Earth is 6,000 – 10,000 years old.
Age-Day Theory Belief that the Earth was created over six large periods of time.
Gap Theory Belief that there are two creation accounts found in Genesis.
Theistic Evolution Belief that God used the natural processes of evolution to create the universe.
Created by: jameslunderwood