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2 primary ways medication is given orally and parentally
usual dose means unit dose
the seven rights are right patient, dose, drug,time,route, documentation
drugs for oral administration are they are absorbed slowlylozenges, liquids,capsules, tablets
the metric system is based on the _________ decimal system
basic units of volume and weight in the decimal based metric system are?? metric system
Household units of measurement used measure drugs are units of ___________________ volume
metric system measures liter
gram measures weight
7 steps to correct documentation for medication are patient, drs. orders. date . right drug in chart, time given, right dose, right technique
5 reactions that might occur with anaphylaxis convulsions, diarrhea, decreased BP, vomiting, difficulty breathing
meniscus means cresent shaped form at the top of liquid for correct measure
medication is absorbed through what in buccal and sublingual?? tissue that is rich in capillaries
administration of a substance such as a drug by muscle,vein or any other means than the GI tract parental administration
severe allergic reaction anaphylatic
drug used to treat allergies epinphrine
3 times medication should be checked before taking out of cabinet, before preparing, before placing back on shelf
what are 3 types of measurement systems used Household, metric, apothecaries(oldest)
assessment is to locate and inspect injection site for tatoos, burns, moles, birthmarks, rednesss, warts
4 assessments you need to do before giving medication injection site, drug allergies, patient overall condition, patient consent form
what is included in the right documentation date, drug, time, dose, administration route, patient education lst initial and last name
medication for ears is admin.by drops and gauze wick
liquid medication is measured in a _________ plastic disposeable calibrated cup
Medication for the eye must be labeled sterile
secretion in the ear is called serum
sphincter of the anus is _____________ ______and suppository inserted _______ long into rectum voluntarily controlled 1 1/2 inch
what are scored tablets they can be cut
these medications should be never crushed enteric coated, controlled released, extended release, sustained release
what is it called when you give drugs on top of tongue?? translingual-mist or sprays
insulin syringes are calibrated in ______ units
small bottle with rubber diaphragm vial
small glass or plastic container ampule
the most common method of drug admin. in a medical office ________________ injection
most common sites for ID forearm and upper back
sub Q provides a ______________ sustained release and long duration of _________________ slow action
Im allow admin. of a ____amount of drug and are used when patient require ____ drug absorption and usually irrated tissues______ larger rapid less
method used when injection and IM drug that can irritate the subQ tissue Z track
who can administer a IV drug drs and nurse only
7 areas to avoid applying trans. patch skin folds, below knee, burned area, scar tissue, hairy area, irritated area
vaginal drug admin. common form suppositories
5 parts of a syringe barrel, plunger, needle, tip, flange
the gauge is the _____ of the lumen diameter
insulin is measured in units 100 per cc
most common injections given to chilren vaccines
sites to avoid on children for injections deltoid and dorsogluteal
possible drug-drug interactions can be severe what is this called polypharmacy
5 medications patients forget to mention vitamins, sedatives, antacids, herbal remedies, birth control
_____drugs require a drs written order prescription
study of drugs pharmacology
excretion describes the manner inwhich a drug is ___________from the ______ eliminated body
drugs official name generic
traded name of drug is also ________ &_______ brand and proprietary
drugs trade name protected for years 17
efficacy means therapeutic value
drug that is potentially dangerous and addictive controlled substance
How many levels of controlled sustances 5
which level of controlled substance can be prescribed, must be filled within 7 days no refills Level II
what level of controlled substancr can an MA write the prescription order for the physician to sign LEVEL IV
four legal requirements associated with the schedule II sub. triplicate order form, Dea form 222 be licensed dr., must refill within 7 days, cannot be refilled, store undder lock and key, record kept for 2 YRs
4 parts of a prescription superscription, inscription, subscription, signature
name of the drug and the amount of drug per dose inscription
subscription directions to pharmacist
signature is also known as the ________ and refers to patient instruction transcription
can a Ma telephone a prescription renewal to the pharmacy??? yes
special preparation made from microorganisms and administered to a person vaccine
MA must wait for authorization for the dr to renew a prescription by phone true
Ma must nver telephone prescription renewals for sched. IV & V medications?? T OR F false
3 areas of concern about patients taking otc drugs otc may not produce enough therapeutic benefit, may mask symptoms, interactions can occur and lead to adverse reactions
the study what the body does to drugs pharmacodynamics
pharmacotherapeutics is sometimes called clinical pharmacology
the purpose or reason for using a drug is called_____________ indication
how are controlled substance identified on their lables large C C and roman numeral inside the C
the process of converting a drug form its dose fore to a form the body can use absorption
to give a drug by any route that introduces the drug into a patients body?? administer
the purpose or reason for using a drug indication
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