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SS 3rd 9 Weeks

All of the 3rd 9 Weeks Exam Information

What 4 things help a country's economy GDP? capital goods, entrepreneurship, human capital, natural resources
What is a rare type of government that is just a loose alliance of units in a country having equal power? a confederation
Who was the Indian layer who led no-violent demonstrations and marches in the British colony of India making it a free nation in 1948? Mohandis Ghandi
What country holds the Mekong river and also fought against the U.S. during from 1958-1975? Vietnam
The three main environmental in China and India are ________, _________, and __________. water pollution; air pollution; flooding
Which religion has many holy texts known as Vedas, is polytheistic, and believes in the caste system? Hinduism
Which religion was founded by Siddhartha Gautama, believes in meditating for enlightenment, and believes in not living with too much work or pleasure? Buddhism
People in Southeast Asia tend to live near large _______ and _______. rivers; coasts
The large Chinese desert in the upper right corner of China stretching into Mongolia is the __________. Gobi Desert
Which mountain range in the world separating China and India is the highest in the world? the Himalayans
taxes, quotas, and embargos are examples of _____________. economic trade barriers
True or False (if false give correct answer): India is a peninsula surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. True
True or False (if false give correct answer): Japan is the largest country in Southern Eastern Asia. False; China
Just south of India is a large body of water called ________. the Indian Ocean
Much of the transportation in crowded cities is some form of ___________. mass transit
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