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Physio Exam 5


What is the functional unit of the endocrine pancreas Islets of Langerhans
What are the four cell types found in the Islets of Langerhans Alpha, Beta, Delta, F
What is the primary hormone produced by alpha cells Glucagon
What is the primary hormone produced by beta cells Insulin
What is the primary hormone produced by delta cells somatostatin
What do F cells produce Pancreatic polypeptide
Proinsulin consists of what fragments A, B, C
Insulin is produced from proinsulin how The C fragment is cleaved form the A and B fragments which are associated by disulfide bridges
When insulin is secreted what else is secreted in an equal amount C peptide
Insulin secretion is primarily stimulated by Glucose
Is more insulin secreted in response to oral or IV glucose Oral
The greater response to oral glucoase is the result of GI hormones release which facilitate beta cell function and insulin secretion. This is called an Incretin effect
Glucose delived via IV stimulate what type of release of insulin Biphasic
The binding of insulin to its receptor can result in the Activation of multiple second messenger systems
What are the effects on insulin on muscle Stimulates glucose uptake, stimulates protein synthesis, inhibits the breakdown of proteins
What are the effects of insulin on adipocytes Stimulates glucose uptake, stimulates uptake of FFA, stimulates triglyceride production
What are the effects of insulin on the liver Stimulates glucose conversion to glycogen, stimulates glycolysis and triglyceride production, Inhibits glycogenolysis, inhibits gluconeogenesis
Secretion of Glucagon is stimulated by Hypoglycemia, amino acids
Secretion of glucagon is inhibited by Hyperglycemia, Somatostatin
Where are the primary effects of glucagon Liver
What are the effects of glucagon Inhibit glucolysis, Stimulate gluconeogenesis, stimulate glycogenolysis, stimulate lypolysis
Secreation of somatostatin is stimulated by Glucose, Arginine, GI hormones
What receptor does somatostatin bind to inhibit insulin secretion SSTR 5
What receptor does somatostatin bind to inhibit glucagon (and GH) SSTR 2
What are the effects of somatostatin Slows gastric emptying, Decreases gastric secretions, Inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion (and GH)
Created by: mhaynes