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Early Church

1st-15th Century

1st Why Rome was perfect Jewish persecuted 1st Jewish/Christian Division Nero/Domitian Considered Atheists.
2nd Pliny and Trajan Martyrdom Apologetics Marcion/Gnosticism Apostles’ Creed
3rd Christian Teachers Septimus/Decius Lapsed/confessors Diocletian
4th Constantine Edicts Milan Toleration Donatism Monasticism Shouldn’t live so lavish Arianism Jesus wasn’t devine Cappadocians/Teachers Basil and 2 Gregories and Augustine Jerome
5th Fall of RomeFilling the Void:Benedict of Nursia - wrote a ruleLeo IDebating in the East (Chalcedon) first sign of split
6th Gregory I Direction of western Medieval churchMissions Sent out missionaries to England and other places
7th Muslim Conquests Fled medina and took Mecca
8th Battle of Tours Muslims were stopped
9th Charlemagne – Starting Schools Divides east and West Decay in Papacy Popes killed each other
10th Monastic reform Cluny Benedictine revival
11th Great Schism Papal reform under Leo IX Crusades Begin
12th Crusades – mostly disastrous Latin Kingdom Beginning of Scholasticism – Anselm
13th Later crusades Scholasticism/Anti-scholasticism/ Mysticism Government centralizes under monarchs/nationalism John Duns Scotus and Occam (divorce of Faith and Reason).
14th 100 years war Black death Avignon papacy Papacy to France where demands were made of the Pope to fit more French ideas Great western Schism Wycliffe – scripture for the masses
15th Fall of Constantinople Huss and Savonarola – reformers killed Renaissance Fascination with human creativity Columbus.
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