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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Key Roots, Suffixes, & Prefixes, Misc

bi two
centesis puncture of a cavity or organ to remove fluid
ectomy surgical removal
ostomy a new permanent opening
otomy cut into
oplasty surgical repair
pnea breathing
peri surrounding
oscopy to view
phonia voice
rhino/naso nose
broncho/bronchi bronchus
pharyngo pharynx
trachea trachea
pleura pleura
pulmono/pulmo lung
phreno diaphragm
pneumo/pmeumato air,gas,; can also pertain to lung, respiration
spiro breathing
Lymphadenitis (289.1-289.3) Is an inflammation of a lymph node; often associated with some type of bacterial disease
Lyphedema (acguired 457.0,457.1; or congenital 757.0) is a lymphatic system obstruction, which leads to localized fluid retention and tissue swelling.
Hypersplenism (289.4) describes an enlarged, overactive spleen. This can cause a decrease in blood cells circulating throughout the body
Maxillary antrostomy(31256) involves making an opening in the maxillary sinus to improve drainage
Sphenoidectomy(31288) is a creation of an opening into the anterior (front) wall of the sphenoid sinus
Decompression (31292-31294 depending on the sturctures Tx) Relieves pressure on an optic nerve or other structures of the eye, to treat various optic neuropathies
Red Pulp Contains RBCs & serves as a blood reservoir. Tissue supplies body with phagocytes These cells have the ability to ingest & destroy bacteria, protozoa, cell debris, 7 dust particles.
White pulp Distributed throughout the spleen & is composed of lymphatic nodules called splenic nodules. This tissue generates protective humoral antibodies.
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