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anthro ch 14

Stack #186647

Personalities Distinctive ways of behaving and feeling
Socialization Describes the development through the influences of parents and other people of patterns of behavior
Enculturation Parents and others try to socialize children directly by rewarding certain behaviors and punishing others
Primary institution Source of early experience that shape who we are and who we become I.E Family
Secondary institutions Aspects of culture such as religion art and music that shape us.
Personality integration of Culture Refers to the possibility that an understanding of personality might help us explain connections between primary and secondary institutions.
Projective test Reveals personality characteristics. Subjects are given stimuli that are purposely ambiguous
Religion Any set of attitudes beliefs and practices pertaining to supernatural power
Supernatural Powers believed to be not human
Animism refers to the belief in souls
Animatism Abelief in impersonal supernatural forces I.e the power of a rabbits foot
Mana A supernatural impersonal force
Taboo Not to be touched their powers can cause harm
Gods Supernatural being
Anthropomorphic Conceived in the image of a person
Ghosts Supernatural beings that were once human
Ancestor spirits Ghosts of dead relatives
Spirits Unnamed supernatural beings of nonhuman origin which may be helpful, trouble makers or evil.
Monotheistic one god. supreme being responsible for it all
Polytheistic recognizes many important Gods
Divination seeks practical answers from the supernatural about anything troublesome
Magic when people believe their action cam compel the supernatural to act in some way
sorcery may include the use of materials, objects and medicines to invoke supernatural malevolence
witchcraft like sorcery through thought and emotion alone.
Shaman like a medicine man
mediums asked to heal and divine while in possession trances
Priests have high status who officiate at public events
revitalization movements efforts to save a culture by infusing it with new purpose and new life
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