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First Aid

What is the Universal Sign of Choking? Clutching throat
What is an epi-pen used for? Severe Allergic Reaction
A sudden illness with too much or too little sugar in the blood. Diabetic Emergency
If a person is seriously injured but they refuse to give consent for treatment, what can you do? Call 911 and do not treat them unless they lose consciousness then treatment is implied.
Which animals are common carriers of rabies? Skunks, Bats, and Raccoons.
What is a second impact syndrome? Two concussions sustained in a short period of time. (Can be days or even weeks apart)
What do you do for an amputation injury? Control the bleeding, watch for signs of shock, place body part in a baggie and then place baggie on ice.
What do you do about consent when the injured victim is a minor and there is NO adult around. Consent is implied.
Once you apply a tourniquet to a victim, what important step should you do next? Note the time you applied the tourniquet.
If someone has been hit by a car, and you see no outward signs of injury, what should you monitor for? Shock
If a person does not seek treatment after being bitten by a rabid animal what is the expected outcome? Death
When do you report an animal bite? Anytime someone is bitten.
How should you care for someone that you suspect is suffering from frostbite? Gentle Skin to skin contact or gently soaking in WARM water.
What is the Cardiac chain of Survival? Early Recognition, Early CPR, Early Defibrillation, Early advanced medical care.
Someone who complains of a stiff neck and develops a rash that looks like a bruise should be checked for what? Meningitis
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