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World History

Chapter 17 European Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance movement which renewed interest in classical culture led to changes in art, learning and view of the world.
Humanism movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements.
Secular concerned with worldly matters rather and spiritual matters.
Patrons a person who supports artists, especially financially.
Perspective an artists technique that creates the appearance of three dimensions on a flat surface.
Leonardo da Vinci Painter, sculptor, inventor and scientist.
Michelangelo He excelled as a painter, sculptor, architect and a poet.
Vernacular the everyday or native language of people in a region.
Johann Gutengerg developed the first printing press.
William Shakespeare greatest play writer of all time.
Thomas More wrote book called Utopia
Machiavelli he wrote The Prince
Reformation lead to the founding of christian churches that rejected the popes authority
Indulgences a pardon releasing a person from punishments due to a sin.
Martin Luther taught scripture at the University of Wittenburg
Peace of Augsburg 1555 agreement declaring that the religion of each German state would be decided by its ruler.
Protestant a member of a christian church founded on the principles of The Reformation.
Anglican Church Church of England formed when the king wanted to remarry, so he made a law that the king is the leader not the pope.
Annul to concede or set aside.
John Calvin taught that salvation was predestined.
Predestination the doctrine that God has decided on things beforehand including which pope will be eternally saved.
Theocracy a government controlled by religious leaders.
Huguenots Calvins followers in France.
Presbyterians members of protestant church founded on the teachings of John Knox.
Anabaptists protestant members during the reformation that believed in baptizing.
Catholic Reformation movement helping catholics to remain loyal within the catholic church.
Jesuits members if the society of Jesus, a roman catholic religious order founded by Igneaous of Loyola.
Council of Trent a meeting of roman catholic leaders called by Paul III to rule doctrines criticized by protestant reformers.
Medici Ruling family of Florence.
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