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6th Gr. Ch. 4

6th Grade Ch. Review

What is the Khyber Pass? A pass that cuts through the Hindu Kush Mountain Range
Where is the Khyber Pass located? On the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan
What type of government does Lybia have? Dictatorship
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have? Monarchy
Who leads the Saudi Arabian government? The Saud Family
Name two othernames for the city of Istanbul. Byzantium and Constantinople
What country was almost destroyed by civil war from 1975-1990? Lebanon
In what two continents does Istanbul lie? Asia and Europe
Name the countries contained in the region known as Maghreb. Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria
What is the primary industry that Iraq's economy is based on? Oil
What is Egypt's primary water source? The Nile River
What is 90% of Libya covered by? Desert
What are the two major rivers in Iraq? The Tigris and Euphrates
Name the two bodies of water that the Suez cananl connects The Red Sea and The Mediterranean Sea
What country did Iraq invade prior to the Persian Gulf War? Kuwait
What percent of Israelis are Arabs called Palestinians? 20%
What is a Delta? An area formed from soil deposited by a river at the mouth of the river
What is silt? Small particles of rich soil
What is an oasis? Green area in a desert fed by underground water
What is a dictator? An all powerful government leader
What is an aquifer? Underground rock layer that stores large amounts of water
What is terrorism? Systematic use of violence or terror to achieve certain goals.
Define secular non-religious
What is a constitutuional monarchy? A government where a king or queen is the official head of state, but the goverment is run by elected officials.
What is a mosque? A place of worship for followers of Islam
What is a kibbutz? A settlement or farm in Israel where the people share property and produce goods
What is a Moshav? A cooperative settlement of small individual farms in Israel where people share in farming, but own some private property.
What are the bedouin? Nomadic arabs of the deserts of Southwest Asia.
What is a wadi? Dry riverbed filled by the rains from rare downpours
What is desalinization? The removal of salt to make seawater drinkable
What is a Hajj? A religious journey to Mecca
What is an Alluvial Plain? An area that is built up by rich, fertile soil left by river floods
What is an Embargo? An order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country
What is a Shah? The title given to kings who ruled Iran
What is an Islamic Republic? A government ruled by Muslim religious leaders.
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