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Vocabulary for mid-term MCQ v2

ācārya a teacher
adhikāra stories of the early life of Krishna
advaita shankara-acharya's system
ādivāsi aboriginals; first dwellers in the land
arañyaka the third of the kinds of texts in the vedas; forest books
artha value; wealth
ātman brahman, as it seems to be individuated as a companion to the jiva in the rounds of samsara / universal spirit
ayodhyā capital of teh kingdom of Dsharantha, and later, Rama
darśaṇa a philosophical system / meeting a deity eyeto-eye in temple worship
bhārata second eldest son of Dsharatha in the Ramayana
brahmacārya student stage
brahmā a deva; recreator of the world as an agent of Vishnu
brahmasūtra summary of the teachings of the upanishads
dharmaśāstra law-codes, eg. of Manu
dūrgā a goddess, most popular in Bengal
dyaus pitṛ a vedic diva
jīva life-force; personal spirit.
lakṣmaṇa third son of King Dasaratha in the Ramayana; accompanied his eldes brother, Rama, in this forest exile
madhvācārya a vedantic teacher
pañcama the fifth; a social group outside and beneath the vedic varna system; untouchable; dalit
prajāpati lord of beings; a vedic deva
prakṛti the principal of materiality in the samkhya
pūjā a ritual worship using offerings, lights, and specific actions
purāṇa acient stories of the deities; from 4th century CE
rāmānujācarya vedantic philosopher
ṛṣi a vedic stage
saṃñyāsin a world-renouncer; 4th stage of ashrama
varṇa literally 'colour', the four official social classifications in the rg veda
śaṅkaracārya vedantic philosopher
śāstra a philosophical text
śudra 4th of the varnas; non-dvijas
sītā spouse of rama in the ramayana and queen of ayodhya
soma a psychotropic drink; a deva celebrated in the veda
sthītaprajñā The condition of being "established in wisdom" in the Bhagavad Gita
vaiśya the third of the dvija varnas
viśiṣṭādvaita ramanuja-acharya's system
vyāsa "hearer" of the Vedas and author of the Mahabharata
dvijas the three highest varnas; eligible to study the veda.
jāti birth; birth-status.
kaurava in the Mahabharata, the sons of Dritarashtra; opponents of the Pandavas.
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