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Southeast Asia

Justin, Noah, Ryan, Sammi and William

Sukhothai First Thai kingdom founded in the 1200’s in a revolt against the Khmer Empire
Ayutthaya Second Thai empire that began around 1300’s and eventually eclipsed the Sukhothai empire
Siam Thai empire that came about after Ayutthaya was sacked by Burma
General Chakri The man who founded Siam
Thailand “Land of the Free,” name Siam changed to in 1937
Polarized politics Thailand’s politics are very extreme and cause a great divide among the Thai, creating unrest and instability due to the resistance of whatever party is not in power
Thaksin Shinawatra He ruled Thailand from 2001-2006, he was removed from office by a military coup but continues to be influential and controversial in Thai politics to today
South Thailand Contains a Muslim majority which has led to unrest in the region
Before the French Arrive Angkor kingdom until Siam asserts independence. Cambodian land is either part of Siam or its vassal state or part of Vietnam
French Administration 1863 protection treaty, then annexed to Indochina Union. Vietnamese civil servants managed economic affairs. King was more cultural than political
1940s the king died and Norodom Sihanouk became king. Japan invaded and occupied, until left in 1945 when told Cambodia to declare independence. King Sihanouk negotiated with France, and Cambodia received a lot of autonomy, but not independence (came in 1953).
Turning to Democracy Elections scheduled at the Geneva Accords in 1954. King Sihanouk abdicated to run for Head of State, and was elected in 1955
U.S.-Vietnam War Claimed to be neutral, but Sihanouk supported North Vietnam. Domino Theory. Increasingly drawn into the war due to U.S. activity with bombings. Prince Sirik Matak convinced Lon Nol to attempt a (successful) coup against Sihanouk. Sihanouk called for ai
Khmer Rouge Rule Pol Pot was leader. Took over Cambodia on April 17, 1975. Began a heavily oppressive rule and renamed the country Kampuchea. Sihanouk became Head of State.
Cambodia vs. Vietnam Vietnamese take Phnom Penh, begin to reverse the effects of Khmer Rouge rule, and rename the country the People Republic of Kampuchea. Sends Khmer Rouge and Sihanouk into exile. Vietnam withdraws in 1989.
Hun Sen Era Part of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). Prime Minister in 1985. Turns away from socialism in 1989. Country becomes the State of Cambodia. Sihanouk becomes Head of State after peace agreements. Monarchy is restored w/Sihanouk on throne. Becomes th
Khmer Rouge Trials 2005, tribunal allowed to try Khmer Rouge leaders. Nuon Chea (senior survivor) is arrested, charged w/crimes against humanity. Comrade Duch guilty of murder & torture as head of the Tuol Sleng prison camp. Two seniors guilty of genocide & crimes agains
Conflict with Thailand Thai TV star claims Cambodia stole Angkor Wat, crowds to attack Thai embassy in Phnom Penh. Both move troops to disputed land near Preah Vihear temple. Diplomatic ties are soon resumed. In 2011, two Thai are tried of spying, both sides exchange fire, a
Trung sisters led first Vietnamese rebellion against the Chinese in 39 AD
French colonialism of Vietnam happened in stages, exploited Vietnamese people and put down heavy taxation
Dien Bien Phu Vietnamese forces defeated the French
Geneva Convention agreed that North and South Vietnam would remain divided until free elections could be held to determine which government would lead the country, remained divided for 21 years
Ho Chi Minh founded the Revolutionary Youth League from the safety of China in 1925, In 1930 it became the Vietnamese Communist party, communist ruler who played a big role in driving out colonialism in Vietnam
Vietnam War Ho Chi Minh's guerrilla forces battle USA. After 15 years w/no end in sight, both North Vietnam & US negotiate 1973. The Paris Accords signed.2 years later N Vietnam captured the S Vietnamese capital Saigon, creating the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Khmer Rouge attacked Vietnam in years following unification, caused social and economic problems to grow in the country, Vietnam occupied Cambodia
The Dark Years Disastrous policies implemented in the late 70's and early 80's in Vietnam that caused many problems
doi moi policy that means “renewal," was introduced, bringing free-market principles and a new optimism in 1986
Created by: WHAP10