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personal training

The greatest legal concerns for a personal trainer are: Pre-activity health screening of clients, interpreting the results, the development of physical activity recommendations and parameters for training, the instruction and supervision of physical activity, emergency preparations and timely fulfillment
(T/F) A failure to screen or even perform screening which results in client injury may actually increase the likelihood of legal claims and suits based upon negligence. True.
(T/F) Employers may not be responsible for the actions of their employees. False.
(T/F) It is recommended to utilize applicable protective documents such as waivers, releases and informed consents to meet their legal duties. True.
(T/F) It is not recommended to obtain liability insurance when working as an independent contractor False.
(T/F) Professionalism has nothing to do with punctuality, appearance, presentation, knowledge or hygiene. False.
(T/F) A client complains about back pain. You should tell them to take NSAIDS and rest. False.
(T/F) A client tells you they're thinking about refinancing their home. You should tell them to re-modify their loan. False.
(T/F) A client tells you they're concerned about their child who is taking drugs. You should return the focus back to the workout. True.
T/F) A client makes a sexual innuendo towards you; you should either report them to your manager or inform them you feel uncomfortable with sexual comments. True.
Name the four chambers of the heart. Left and Right Ventricles, Left and Right Atriums.
Name the three energy systems. ATP/Creatine-Phosphate, Glycolysis, Aerobic Oxidation.
What is the prime mover, antagonist and stabilizers for the bench press? Pectoralis Major (middle and upper fibers emphasized). Rhomboids, Trapezius, Posterior Deltoid. Rotator Cuff Musculature: Supraspinatus, Infaspinatus, Teres Minor, Subscapularis.
What causes post exercise soreness and what do you do about it? Microtrauma to the muscle tissue. PRICE, light stretching or active rest and hydrate.
Describe what occurs during the systolic and diastolic phase of blood pressure. What is considered a normal reading? Systolic is the pressure in the arterial walls during ventricular contraction. Diastolic pressure is the pressure in the arterial walls during ventricular filling. 120/80 is considered a normal reading.
What is the difference between slow and fast twitch muscle? Slow twitch muscle fibers have slow shortening velocities, are red, endurance and resistant to fatigue, Fast twitch muscle fibers have high shortening velocities,fatigue rapidly, diameter, are white, prime mover/strength/power, , easily inhibited.
What might be the fat burning target heart range for a 45-year old individual with a resting heart rate of 60 bpm? Using the Karvonen formula and calculating the training heart rate based on Zone 1 (40-65%), the answer is 220 – 45 - 60 x.4 + 60 =106 bpm and 220 – 45 - 60 x.65 + 60 = 135 bpm or 106 -135 bpm.
What is the all or none theory? When a myofiber is innervated by a nerve cell, it contracts totally or not at all.
Explain the difference between concentric and eccentric in resistance training. A concentric contraction is the shortening of the muscle fibers. An eccentric contraction is the lengthening of the muscle fibers.
Name two functions of blood. Transport oxygen and nutrients to the cell and removes wastes and carbon dioxide from the cell.
What is the definition of OBLA? Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation.
How could you determine maximum heart rate and training heart rate when designing a cardiovascular workout for a client? VO2 Max test, 220 - age x % = THR, 220 - age - RHR x % + RHR = THR (Karvonen), or 220 - age x % x 1.15 = THR.
Discuss the concept of periodicity. The gradual cycling of specificity, intensity, volume, duration, and frequency to achieve a specific goal.
What is the Valsalva Maneuver? Exhaling forcibly with the glottis closed.
What does the abbreviation ATP mean? Adenosine Triphosphate.
With exercise lasting longer than ten seconds what system kicks in to provide ATP? Glycolytic System.
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