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Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Phelebotomy Challenges and Solutions

Autoregulatory Blood Flow Distress Blood Flow controlled by tissues
Brachytherapy In radiation therapy the use of radioactive materials such as radium, cesium, irridium, or gold at the treatment site
Bullet A microcollection/microtainer
Dermal Subcutaneous Juncture The most concentrated collection of capillaries usually found at approxiamately 1.6mm depth from the surface of the skin.
Dialysis The process of diffusing blood across a semipermeable membrane to remove toxic materials and to maintain fluid, electrolyte and acid base balance in cases of impaired kidney function or absence of the kidneys,
Edema Excessive buildup of fluid in the tissues,
Hematoma A collection of blood under the skin caused by a breach in the wall of a blood vessel, a nonvenous reaction.
Hemorrhaging Any massive, abnormal, free flow of blood, either internally or externally.
Lymphatic System The system that includes all the lymph vessels that collect tissue fluid and return it to the blood.
Metabolism Collectively, all the physical and chemical processes which occur within and organism (i.e. digestion, secretion, reproduction)
Petechiae Small purplish, hemorrhagic spots on the skin that appear in patients with platelet deficiencies and febrile illnesses.
Phlebitis An inflammation of a vein.
Tunics Collectively the three layers of arteries and viens
Thrombosis A blood clot within the vein.
Thrombus A blood clot capable of moving in the blood flow within a vein.
Thromboplastin A blood coagulation factor released when body tissues are injured initiates the blood clotting mechanism.
Thrombophlebitis Infllammation of a vein which results in the formation of a blod clot.
Syncope Fainting; Cerebral anemia
Sclerosis An Abnormal hardening of an organ or artery
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