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Ch 8 Religion 7

Baptism and Confirmation

What is a sacrament? one of the seven rites through which God's life enters our lives in the liturgy through the work of the Holy Spirit
What is the Mystical Body of Christ? the members of the Church formed into a spiritual body and bound together by the life communicated by Jesus Christ through the sacraments.
What is grace? Christ divine life in us
How does grace help us? grace enables us to carry out our mission as his disciples
Which sacraments confirm a permanent seal so they are celebrated only once? Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders
What is the first step of the RCIA? catechumenate
What is RCIA? Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
What is a catechumen? a person preparing to become a member of the faith community
What is elect? those who are formally called to the Sacraments of Initiation
What is exorcism? prayers against the evil spirit that teach us the Mystery of sin and how Christ the Redeemer has saved us
What is Rite of Enrollment? the ceremony in which catechumens become the elect
What are scrutinies? petitions and exorcisms that strengthen the catechumens in their decision to live for Christ
What is a sponsor? the person who assists the catechumens in his or her journey of faith
What are the sacraments initiation? Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
Who are inquirers? People interested in studying about the Catholic faith.
Time for celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation. Easter Vigil
What is mystagogy? The Easter season experience when the newly baptized learn more about their faith and how to live it.
Gifts you receive at Baptism are temple of the Trinity, share in God's life, a child of God and heir to heaven, member of the faith community, original and personal sins are forgiven, receive Holy Spirit and gifts, share in priesthood of Christ, receive virtues of faith, hope, and love
first sacrament, cleanses us of original sin and all other sin, makes us children of God, fills us with grace, makes us members of the Church Baptism
deepens the gifts of Baptism, seals us with the Holy Spirit, and increases our responsibility to witness to the faith Confirmation
the Body and Blood of Christ offered to the Father and shared with the community of believers Eucharist
What symbolic actions does the bishop perform at Confirmation? He lays his hand on you and anoints you with chrism (oil).
How do you show people that you are Christ's follower? continue to grow in your understanding of Christ's message; your ability to love him and others; being Christ's witness; showing by your actions justice and mercy
Christ's death, Resurrection and Ascension are recalled in the sacrament that nourishes and strengthens the Christian community. Eucharist
What is the main physical sign of Baptism? water
an encounter with Jesus through signs and words sacrament
Most intense time of preparation during RCIA. Lent
What is presented to the elect? Creed and the Lord's Prayer
What are the sacramental words that bishop says in in Confirmation? "[Name], be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit."
What are the sacramental words in the sacrament of Baptism? "[Name], I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? laying on of hands by the bishop Confirmation
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? receive Holy Spirit for the first time Baptism
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? We are anointed with chrism and called to be a witness of Christ. Confirmation
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? The community offers perfect worship to the Father. Eucharist
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? The community is nourished by the Body and Blood of Jesus. Eucharist
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? We become children of God and heirs to heaven. Baptism
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? The community celebrates the Paschal Mystery of Jesus and makes it present. Eucharist
Which sacrament corresponds to this statement? Original sin is forgiven. Baptism
Name the symbol. sign made on the forehead of newly baptized cross
Name the symbol. life and death water
Name the symbol. clothed with Christ white robe
Name the symbol. new life in the risen Jesus candle
Name the symbol. anointing oil
Name the symbol. Body of Christ bread
Name the symbol. Blood of Christ wine
Name the symbol. healing oil
Name the symbol. sign of new dignity white robe
Name the symbol. light of faith candle
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