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U2L10 Social

the key to providing opportunity to citizens is ___ Education
How did the lives of the daimyo change -the court nobility & daimyo were emerged into a single class -daimyo couldn't get money from their domains anymore. the government game them a one-time lump sum of money. they were also provided with generous pensions
How did the lives of the samurais change -initially, the samurai were given allowances -military conscription symbolically ended the importance and privilage of the samurai -samurai were forbidden to wear their ceremonial swords and their special regalia -given permission to change class
how did the lives of the commoners change -feudal system was abolished, so people could change their social status -they were allowed surnames -ban on intermarriage between samurai was lifted -the lowest classes were raised to the status of the commoner -christians were allowed to pray
how did the lives of farmers change -farmers were given ownership of their land and could grow whatever their wanted -they had to pay a 3% tax on their land -when small farms were unable to pay their taxes, they sold their farms to wealthier farmers and became tenant farmers
During the Tokugawa Era, education was mainly for samurai
During the Tokugawa Era, education for everyone else was about Practical knowledge with no set curriculum.
During the Meiji Era, education became compulsory for all children, and a standardized curriculum was developed.
In 1871, the government developed a Ministry of Education to develop a national education system
In 1884, Mori Arinori became the Minister of Education
What did Mori Arinori do He restructured the national school system to include universal primary and middle schools and a system of universities.
What did the government curriculum promote Strong, common moral values, a strong national identity, and loyalty to the emperor.
Mori Arinori believed that universities should have academic freedom so students could learn to be innovative.
Mori Arinori established what university The University of Tokyo, or the Imperial University.
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