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bham-Tot. 2016

bham-STAR-Totalitarianism-2016 2016 2016 2016

Main tactics totalitarian governments use to gain/keep control. censorship, terror, violence
One reason for using tactics such as reading people's mail was to make them afraid to protest
Another name for Ukrainian farmers. Kulaks
Why did so many Kulaks(Ukrainian farmers) die under Stalin? the government took their food and they starved to death
Hitler in Germany, Stalin in USSR, and Mussolini in Italy all came to power following: WW I
Totalitarian governments traits single party,control all forms of media, nationalistic
Hitler's Germany was unique in it's belief in a master race
Communist are different from Fascist in that Communists want to create a classless society
In a Totalitarian state the police work for the leader
In many European nations after WW I there was a growing fear of Communism
In Fascists nations individual needs are subordinate to the needs of the state
Who came to power in Italy? Mussolini
Who was blamed for the Depression in Germany? The Jews
What were two problems post WW I in Europe? terrible economic and social problems
Germans/Italians were very angry at the terms of the _______ and they looked to Hitler/Mussolini and the _____________ to fix it. Treaty of Versailles, fascists
Fascism glorified the ______ above the __________ state, individual
Why were the Nazi's so appealing to the people of Germany? Because they were suffering from political, social, and economic problems.
Communist are different from Fascists in that the government should own the means of production
All totalitarian states in some way denied human rights
Why were citizens in Germany and Italy afraid of a communist takeover of their country? They didn’t want to lose their social status and private property
Hitler was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg because 1)the NAZI's had the largest party in the Reichstag and 2) he feared the Communists.
What was Hindenburg scared of the popularity of the Communists
Economically, Germany was suffering from the Depression
Created by: crbham4