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MT Ch6

Allergist specialist in allergic reactions
Antigen any substance that the body sees as being foreign
Allergen any substance that produces an allergic reaction
Allergy overreaction by the body to a particular antigen
Antihistamines type of medication that works against histamine
Anaphylaxis a severe response to an allergen
Immunologist specialist in the immune system
Autoimmune Disorder condition in which the immune system produces antibodies against its own tissues
Immunodeficiency Disorder condition in which the immune response in compromised
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus; bloodborne infection in which the virus damages/kills cells of the immune system
AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; most advanced/fatal stage of HIV
Immunotherapy treatment of the immune system (involves stimulating the immune response)
Immunosuppressant type of medication that prevents/reduces the body’s normal immune response
Oncologist specialist in the prevention/causes/ treatments of tumors and cancer
Tumor abnormal mass of tissue with uncontrolled cell multiplication
Neoplasm new or strange formation (tumor)
Benign not life-threatening
Malginant potentially life-threatening
Myoma tumor of muscle
Myosarcoma tumor of muscle flesh
Angiogenesis blood vessel creation (process by which a tumor supports its own growth by creating its own blood supply)
Cancer class of diseases with uncontrolled cell multiplication and the ability of these cells to invade other tissues
Metastasize process by which cancer spreads
Metastasis change beyond control (new cancer site that results from the spreading process)
Carcinoma cancerous tumor (that occurs in the cells that line the internal/external surfaces of the body/organs/glands)
Adenocarcinoma cancerous tumor from a gland
Sarcoma tumor of flesh (that occurs in connective tissue like bone/fat/muscle/ vessels)
Osteosarcoma tumor of bone flesh
Chondrosarcoma tumor of cartilage flesh
Angiosarcoma tumor of blood vessel flesh
Lymphangiosarcoma tumor of lymph vessel flesh
Lymphoma tumor of lymph (or any lymph tissue)
Leukemia blood condition of white (blood cancer that usually affects the white blood cells)
Chemotherapy drug of chemical treatment (that kills fast growing cells)
Antiangiogenesis against blood vessel creation (type of medication that disrupts the blood supply to a tumor)
Antineoplastic pertaining to being against the new or strange formation (type of medication that blocks the growth of malignant cells)
Cytotoxic pertaining to cell poisoning (type of medication that kills to damages cells)
Brachytherapy treatment that is a short (distance; administered internally with implanted devices)
Teletherapy treatment that is a far (distance; administered externally using 3D computer imaging machines)
Lymphadenitis inflammation of a lymph node
Lymphadenopathy any disease of a lymph node
Lymphangioma benign tumor of a lymph vessel
Splenomegaly abnormal enlargement of the spleen
Splenorrhagia excessive bleeding of the spleen
Lymphedema swelling of the lymph (node)
Lymphangiography process of taking a picture of a lymph vesel
Anti- against
Brachy- short
Meta- change beyond
Aden/o gland
Angi/o blood vessel
Carcin/o cancer
Chem/o drug or chemical
Chondr/o cartilage
Cyt/o or –cyte cell
Immun/o protected or safe (the immune system)
Lymphaden/o lymph node
Lymphangi/o lymph vessel
Lymph/o lymph
Lymphocyt/o white blood cell
My/o muscle
Neo- new or strange
Onc/o tumor
Oste/o bone
Phag/o eat or swallow
Sarc/o flesh
Splen/o spleen
Tele- far
-edema swelling
-genesis creation or reproduction
-itis inflammation
-lytic to reduce or destroy
-megaly abnormal enlargement
-ologist specialist
-oma tumor
-plasm formation
-plastic pertaining to formation
-rrhagia abnormal excessive fluid discharge (usually blood)
-stasis control
-therapy treatment
-toxic or tox/o poison
T-Lymphocytes produced in the Thymus; phagocytes (cells that eat)
B-Lymphocytes antibodies (immunoglobulins)
-emia blood condition
Ab Antiobody
Ag antigen
CA Carcinoma
HL Hodgkin's Lymphoma
IG immunoglobulin
LE lymphedema
MET Metastasis
met metastasize
NHL non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
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