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Faith and Secularism

humanism beliefs and values come from human experience
voltaire author of candide
fundamentalist bible is inspired and infallible in all respectes
jean jacques rousseau noble savage
holiness movement renounce/give up things
deism god created universe then abandoned it
industrial revolution transformation from agrarian to manufacturing capital based economy
empiricism all knowledge is from the senses
secularism should understand reality without reference to god
enlightenment belief in the power of human reason
cosmology understanding of nature of things, human nature
creed beliefs members hold
monotheist one God distinct from creation
social anonymity people can be unknown or unacknowledged by society
institution set of values too important to leave to the whim of individual
agnostic doesn't know about God's existence
cult how religion engages the divine
code how members live in light of their religious convictions
cosmic obstacle stops us from attaining the happiness we desire
intellectual veto religious teaching contradicts reason, person should stop believing
dharmatic religion religions of india
karma chain of cause and effect in morality
mantra oooohhhmmmmmm
bodhisattva postpones entering nirvana
nirvana extinguish the finite self
yoga any method one takes to attain freedom from the samsara cycle
samsara cycle vital energy
wu wei being in the zone
tao the way of the cosmos
shiva destroyer god
covenant basis for jewish claim as the chosen people
rosh hashanah jewish new year
koran sacred book of islam
ramadan holy month of fasting
yom kippur day of atonement, holiest day of the year
shema hear o Israel the Lord our God is one
kosher meal prepared in accord with jewish law
hajj pilgrimage to mecca
talmud tradition used to explain and apply jewish law
prophet emphasized justice
philosophy love of wisdom
ockham's razor simplest explanation is usually truest
metaphysics studies nature of existence, being
stoics passions are root of what ails us
skeptics cant really discover truth, best to suspend judgement
epistemology study of how we know
furies personify vengeance
gnosticism religious belief based on acquiring secret knowledge
form abstract idea that is highest kind of nature; idea of Plato's
speculative knowledge knowledge for its own sake
Judaism covenant with god, prophets, shema, messiah, rabbi
Eastern Orthodox great schism of 1054, issue with supremacy of pope
Islam five pillars, muhammad, mecca and medina, sunni and shiites, pray 5 times a day
Lutheran Martin Luther, germany, 95 theses, missouri synod/ECLA, consubstantiation
Anglican/Episcopalian henry VIII, archbishop of canterbury, closest to catholic
Methodist john wesley, emphasis on service, ecumenical
Presbyterian John Calvin, Switzerland and Scotland, elders, predestination
Anabaptist adult baptism, amish, mennonites
Baptist adult baptism, baptism by immersion, southern US
assembly of god/pentecostals baptism in the HS, speaking in tongues
Hinduism no founder, oldest, vishnu, shiva, krishna, yoga
Buddhism Siddhartha, Four noble truths, eightfold path, egalitarian
Taoist Lao Tzu, value of water, wu wei, yin yang,
Confucian value on education, right relationships
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