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Chapter 7


Actinic Keratosis A premalignant warty lesion occurring on sun-exposed skin of the face or hands in aged light-skinned people.
Alopecia Loss of Hair
Basal Cell Carcinoma A slow growing malignant neoplasm.
Benign Lesion A tumor not forming metastases, and not invading and destroying adjacent normal tissue.
Biopsy Removal of a tissue from a patient for macroscopic diagnostic examination.
Congenital Nevus A Melanocytic nevus visible at birth, often larger than an acquired nevus.
Contact Dermatitis Acute or Chronic dermatitis caused by a initial irritant effect of a substance coming in contact with the skin.
Debridement Removal of a foreign materials, necrotic matter, and devitalized tissue from a wound or burn.
Decubitus Ulcer Focal ischemic necrosis of skin and underlying tissues at sites of constant pressure or recurring friction.
Dermabrasion Procedure used to remove acne scars or pits performed with sandpaper or other abrasive materials.
Dermatofibroma A slowly-growing, benign skin nodule consisting of poorly demarcated cellular fibrous tissue.
Dermatologist A physician specializing in diagnosing and treating cutaneous and related systemic diseases.
Dermatome An instrument for cutting thin slices of skin for grafting or excising small lesions.
Dermis Directly below the epidermis, the dermis is the second layer of skin.
Dysplastic Nevus Cutaneous pigmented lesions with notched, irregular borders, considered pre-malignant.
Epidermis Outer layer of the skin.
Eschar A thick, crusty covering or slough developing after thermal or chemical burn or cauterization of the skin.
Gynecomastia Excessive development of the male mammary glands.
Impetigo A contagious superficial pyoderma, caused by Staph or group A Strep.
Intradermal Nevus A nevus in which nests of melanocytes are found in the dermis, but not at the epidermal-dermal junction.
Keloid A nodular, firm, often linear mass of hyperplastic, thick scar tissue.
Lumpectomy Surgical removal of a tumor or other lump from the breast along with some surrounding tissue, conserving normal breast appearance.
Mammaplasty Plastic surgery for alternating the breast (s) size by enlarging or reducing the breasts.
Masectomy Surgical removal of one or both breasts to treat or prevent cancer.
Mastopexy Plastic surgical fixation in doing a breast (s) lift or reshape the breast (s) to improve the look of sagging breast.
Mycoses Any disease caused by fungus.
Necrosis Pathologic death of one or more cells, or of a portion of tissue or organ, resulting from irreversible damage.
Nevus A circumscribed malformation of the skin, especially one that is colored by hyperpigmentation.
Pilonidal Cyst Hair-containing cyst or sinus in the tissues of the sarcoccygeal area.
Pruritis A common inherited condition characterized by the eruption of reddish, silvery-scaled maculopapules.
Psoriasis A common inherited condition characterized by the eruption of reddish, silvery-scaled maculopapules.
Seborrhea Overactivity of sebaceous gland, resulting in an excessive amount of sebum.
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