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SCB 5 Canada

"study skills 5 Canada"

tundra an area with limited vegetation, freezing temperatures
precipitation the amount of rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls in an area
permafrost soil that never thaws, always remains frozen
mixing zone area where waters mix and stir up nutrients from the ocean floor
compromise establishing common ideas that people agree to follow
First Nations Native groups who lived south of the Arctic region in Canada
province a territory that is under the control of a larger country
dominion a territory that governs itself but is still tied to its colonizing country
Intuit native people who settled in the Arctic region of North America
Canadian Shield largest physical region of Canada, contains thousands of lakes and bays created by glaciers
St. Lawrence River largest and most important river in Canada, connects Great Lakes to Atlantic Ocean
Jacques Cartier claimed Canada for France and renamed it New France
Seven Years' War between British and French over fur trade
Quebec Act Guaranteed rights to French Canadians after British won Canada
British north American Act created a new confederation called Dominion of Canada
Act of Union reunited Upper and Lower Canada into one province
cultural mosaic people from different areas retain their cultural identity
Constitutional monarchy the power of the king or queen is limited by the constitution
plural society distinctive cultural, ethnic, and racial groups are encouraged to maintain their identities and cultures
multiculturalism many different cultures living together with their own cultures
Prime Minister has greatest amount of executive power in the government
International trade exporting Canada's natural resources to other countries
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