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west Africa


Define the definition of manuscripts It is something written by hand
What rights did slaves have? Marriage, could earn their, earn their freedom, not be separated from family, and have protection from harsh punishment
What is a lineage? A lineage is a group of people who are related to a common ancestor.
Name the social ranks of a Caste system. Emperor, Nobles,Traders and free people, skilled workers, and enslaved people.
what were village economies based on ? food such as rice, yams, and beans.
what were city economies based on ? Trade and the city markets
What did they trade ? They traded things such as salt and cloth.
What currency did they use for trading? Cowrie shell and gold coins.
How did Askia Muhammad support trade ? He used his armies to protect trade routes and used a weight system to make fair trade.
What cities had a large population due to trade? Gao, Timbuktu, and Djenne`.
How did people become slaves? Groups defeated in war or born as slaves.
What are slaves usual jobs ? Soldiers, farmers, or house servants.
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