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Inca Empire

vocabulary key facts

Who was the greatest Sapa Inca ruler? It was Pachacuti, and he ruled for 30 years.
What was Pachacuti's contribution to the Inca Empire? Pachacuti exapnded the Inca Realm and used a very powerful army.
What techniques did farmers use to expand farming to the hillsides? Farmers used terraces, or flat strips of level land they cut into slopes.
What made the Andes difficult to live in for humans? Cold climate, steep slopes, and higher elevation.
Who was the last Sapa Inca to rule? Huayna Capac.
Where was the Inca government centered? Cuzco.
What was the Inca Empire like at its height? It was prosperous, stabl, and peaceful.
How did the Incas try to unify their empire? The Incas forced the conquered people to learn the Inca language, Quechua.
What is a quipu made of? It is made out of knotted strings.
How was a quipe used? It was used for messegers to court and keep records.
When did the last Sapa Inca rule? In 1493.
What did the Inca artists make out of gold and silver? They made jewelry, dishes, statues, and wall decorations.
How was to Inca Empire tied together physically? It was because of 15,000 miles of road system that stretched across the empire.
What are the textiles woven out of? Out of cotton, alpaca, and vicuna.
What is the Inca welfare state? The government would help citizens in times of need.
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