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Latin America

latin america

hernan cortes spanish conquistador that conquered the Aztecs
montezuma the last empire of the Aztec
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador that conquered the Inca
Atahualpa last emperor of the Inca
Aztec polytheistic civilization located in the Valley of Mexico; destroyed by the Spanish.
Inca polytheistic civilization located in the Andes Mountains; destroyed by the Spanish.
Toussaint L'Ouverture former slave that led the independence movement from Haiti; later captured by the French government.
Simon Bolivar "El liberator"; he led the independence movement in Venezuela, which inspired several other countries to fight for their independence from Spain.
Miguel Hidalgo a priest in Mexico that fought the Spanish for Mexican independence; he was later captured and executed.
Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution that resulted in Cuba becoming a communist country.
Zapatistas ---What did they support? Indigenous farmers in Mexico.
Zapatistas ---What did they oppose? NAFTA
Zapatistas ---What did they do? Took over land in southern Mexico
Conquistador Spanish explorer soldier sent to the New World.
Columbian Exchange The exchange of goods, ideas, and diseases between the Old World (Europe) and the New World (Americans).
Communism When the government owns all properties and business.
Which country in Latin America is communist? Cuba
How did Pizarro defeat the Incan Empire? Pizzaro took Atahualpa hostage in a surprise attack.
How did Cortez defeat the Aztec Empire? Disease and guns allowed Cortes to defeat the Aztecs.
Explain where the Europeans in the 16th century found a cheap labor source? Africa
Why did the Europeans have to locate a cheap new labor source? Many of the Native Americans had died as a result of diseases and slavery.
How is one effect of slavery still evident in Latin America today? Many people in Latin America have ancestors that were slaves.
Why was there almost a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union supported Cuba and placed nuclear warheads in Cuba, pointed towards the United States during the Cold War.
What was Cuba's role in all of this? Cuba was an ally of the Soviet Union.
Which country helped Cuba become communist? The Soviet Union
What is the main religion in Latin America? Roman Catholic
What are the two main languages of Latin America and Why? Spanish and Portuguese; Spain and Portugal colonized Latin America.
Which two factors allowed the Spanish to conquer the Aztecs and Incas? Diseases and advanced weapons (guns).
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