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MT Ch5

Angi/o or Vascul/o blood vessel
Arteri/o artery
Ather/o fatty plaque or substance
Cardi/o or Card/o heart
Cyt/o or -cyte cell
Electr/o electric
Embol/o something inserted
Erythr/o red
Hem/o or Hemat/o blood
Leuk/o white
My/o muscle
Phleb/o vein
Thromb/o clot
Valvul/o valve
-crasia mixture or blending
-ectomy surgical removal
-emia blood condition
-gram picture or record
-graphy process of recording
-itis inflammation
-lytic to destroy
-megaly or mega- or megal/o abnormal enlargement
-ologist specialist
-oma tumor
-pathy disease
-penia deficiency
-plastic pertaining to formation
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-sclerosis abnormal hardening
-stasis control
-stenosis abnormal narrowing
Brady- slow
Endo- within
Epi- above/upon
Dys- abnormal, bad, difficult, painful
Hyper- excessive
Peri- surrounding
Tachy- rapid
Erythrocytes Red (blood) cell- carry oxygen
Leukocytes White (blood) cell- fight infection
Thrombocytes Clotting cell (Platelet)- clot blood
Cardiomegaly Abnormal enlargement of the heart
Carditis Inflammation of the heart
Pericarditis Inflammation of the surrounding heart layer
Myocarditis Inflammation of the muscle heart layer
Myocarditis Inflammation of the muscle heart layer
Endocarditis Inflammation of the inner heart layer
Valvulitis Inflammation of a (heart) valve
Angiitis or Vasculitis Inflammation of a blood vessel
Angiostenosis Abnormal narrowing of a blood vessel
Hemangioma Benign tumor of blood and blood vessels
Phlebitis Inflammation of the veins
Atherosclerosis Abnormal hardening (of the arteries caused by) fatty plaques
Arteriosclerosis Abnormal hardening of the arteries
Arteriostenosis Abnormal narrowing of the arteries
Blood Dyscrasia Abnormal mixture (of blood)
Thrombocytopenia Deficiency of clotting cells (platelets)
Leukopenia Deficiency of white (blood cells)
Myelodysplastic Syndrome Bad, difficult formation of bone marrow (Also called pre-leukemia
Leukemia Blood condition of white (blood cells)/(A type of cancer that affects the white blood cells)
Bradycardia (Abnormally) slow heart(beat)
Tachycardia (Abnormally) rapid heart(beat
Hypotension deficient/low blood pressure
Hypertension excessive/high blood pressure
Electrocardiography The process of recording the electrical activity of the heart
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) The record of electrical activity of the heart
Angiography The process of recording or taking a picture of blood vessels
Phlebography or Venography The process of recording or taking a picture of the veins
Valvuloplasty Surgical repair (or replacement) of a valve (of the heart)
Aneurysmectomy Surgical removal of an aneurysm
Aneurysmorrhaphy Surgical suturing of an aneurysm
Atherectomy Surgical removal of a fatty plaque (from an artery)
Angioplasty Surgical repair of a blood vessel
Cardiologist specialist in diagnosing/treating diseases of the heart
Hematologist specialist in diagnosing/treating diseases/disorders of the blood
Vascular Surgeon physician who specializes in the surgical treatment of disorders of the blood vessels
Hemoglobin Iron-containing protein of red blood cells
Angina episode of severe chest pain due to inadequate blood flow to the myocardium
Myocardial Infarction episode where there is a total blockage of blood flow to the myocardium
Thrombus blood clot attached to the wall of a blood vessel (stationary)
Thrombotic Occlusion the blockage of a blood vessel by a thrombus
Embolus foreign object (blood clot/air/tissue/fat/tumor) that circulates in the blood vessels (traveling)
Embolism the blockage of a blood vessel by an embolus
Septicemia blood condition caused by the spread of pathogens and their toxins in the blood (blood poisoning)
Aplastic Anemia blood condition characterized by the absence of all formed blood elements caused by the hemopoeitic failure of bone marrow
Hemolytic Anemia blood condition characterized by the premature destruction/breakdown of red blood cells by the spleen
Megaloblastic Anemia blood condition characterized by larger than normal (yet still immature) red blood cells; usually from a deficiency of folic acid or vitamin B12
Pernicious Anemia blood condition characterized by the lack of the protein that helps the body absorb Vitamin B12
Sickle Cell Anemia genetic blood condition characterized by abnormal hemoglobin that causes the red blood cells to form a crescent shape
Cardiac Arrest when the heart abruptly stops or develops an abnormal rhythm that prevents it from pumping blood
Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib) rapid/irregular/uncontrolled heartbeat originating from the atria
Atrial Tachycardia rapid heartbeats originating from the atria
Ventricular Fibrillation (V-fib) rapid/irregular/uncontrolled heartbeat originating from the ventricles
Ventricular Tachycardia rapid heartbeats originating from the ventricles
Coronary Thrombosis abnormal condition of having a blood clot blocking a coronary artery
Arrhythmia abnormality or loss of normal rhythm in the heartbeat
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias
Defibrillation shock that stops fibrillation, allowing the heart to reestablish a normal rhythm
Atheroma tumor (actually a deposit) of a fatty plaque
Orthostatic Hypotension low blood pressure upon standing
Cardiomyopathy any disease of the heart muscle
A-Fib atrial fibrillation
chol cholesterol
CAD coronary artery disease
EKG or ECG electrocardiogram
MI myocardial infarction
PAD peripheral artery disease
PVD peripheral vascular disease
V-fiv ventricular vibrillation
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