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U2L9 Social

domestic products the goods produced within a country
import tariff taxes on goods coming into a country, which is imposed to make imported goods more expensive
Japan was restricted by trade agreements they made with western powers
Japan was not allowed to do what with trade lower taxes on domestic goods or raise taxes on foreign goods
most of the new industries made by Japan were military
japan sold most of its industries to private powers because the cost of making these new industries was far to great
the groups of men who now owned these industries were the zaibatsu
matsukata masayoshi because the minister of finance in 1881
national income the money received for all services, goods, and products produced by a country
by the end of the Meiji era, japan's national income had doubled
Japan was developing into a capitalist society
why did japan want a strong military to strengthen the government, increase its political power, to seem powerful to the west, to renegotiate treaties, and to become a colonial power.
why did the deputy chief of the military general staff say Japan needed an army to defend its independence, to display power, and to execute its political decisions
what "western" powers influenced Japan's military Germany's army and Britain's navy.
Created by: MUFU