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Body system

cranium skull
sacrum a bone resulting from the fusion of two or more vertebrae between the lumbar and the coccygeal regions
arthr/o joint
chondr/o cartilage
cost/o rib
ligament/o ligament
muscul/o muscle
my/o muscle
myos/o muscle
myel/o bone marrow
oste/o bone
pelv/o pelvis / hip
spondyl/o vertebra backbone
vertebr/o vertebra backbone
clavicle collar bone
humerus upper arm bone
radius lower arm bone thumb side
ulna lower arm bone little finger side
carpals wrist bones
meta carpals hand bones
phalanges finger bones
scapula shoulder bone
sternum breast bone
tarsals ankle bones
metatarsals foot bones
fibula smaller of lower leg bone
tibia larger of lower leg bone
patella knee cap
sacrum lower part of back bone near hip
coccxy tail bone
pelvis hip bone
femur thigh bone
ribs surrounding chest cavity
connects muscle to bone tendon
connects bone to other bone ligaments
myelodysplasia abnormal growth of bone marrow cells
intervertebral pert. between backbone
osteomyelitis infl. of bone & bone marrow
arthroscopy visual exam. of a joint
costochondritis infl. of cartilage attached to ribs
chondroma benign tumor cartilage tissue
tenorrhaphy suture of tendon
myosarcoma malignant tumor of muscle tissue
carniotomy incision into skull
gouty arthritis high level of uric acid with inflam. of joints
carpal tunnel syndrome compression of median nerve in the wrist
rheumatoid arthritis chronic inflam. of joints especially small bones in hands and feet
osteoporosis decrease in bone density with thinning and weakening of bone
ankylosing spondylitis chronic progressive arthritis with stiffening of joints between back bones
muscular dystrophy weakness and degeneration of muscle fibers
congenital condition having by nature a specified character
artherocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from joint
ESR measure sedimentation rate of red blood cells indication inflammation
electromyography recording strength of muscle contraction
ANA test plasma is tested for antibodies that are present in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
uric acid test measurement of amount of a substance o blood that is associated with gouty arthritis
ilium the broad, upper portion of either hipbone
pubis that part of either innominate bone that, with the corresponding part of the other, forms the front of the pelvis.
innominate having no name; nameless; anonymous.
laminectomy removing all or part of the protruding disk
transient ischemic attack (TIA) temporary interference with this blood supply.
Positron emission tomography used to identify areas of ischemia in the brain.
mandibul/o lower jaw
Ilium upper of Pelvis
Pubis middle of Pelvis
Ischium lower of Pelvis
xiphoid process end of sternum
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