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Body system

lymph/o lymph fluid
lymphaden/o lymph nodes (gland)
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
splen/o spleen
thym/o thymus gland
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome suppression immune response destruction of lymphocytes
lymphocytes a type of white blood cell formed in lymphoid tissue
HIV human immunodeficiency virus a variable retrovirus that invades and inactivates helper T cells of the immune system
lymphoma malignent tumor of lymph node
Hodgkin disease example of lymphoma
lymph nodes stationary collection of lymph tissue throughout body
thymus gland gland in mediastinum
produce lymphocytes thymus, immune system
lymph clear fluid in tissue spaces circulates in lymph vessel
spleen blood forming organ early life storage red blood cells
mononucleosis acute infectious disease, enlargement lymph nodes increase of lymphocytes & monocytes
monocytes a large, circulating white blood cell, formed in bone marrow and in the spleen, that ingests large foreign particles and cell debris.
lymphangiectasis widening dilating lymph vessel
lymphoma malignant tumor lymph nodes & tissue
ELISA screening test for antibodies to AIDS virus
western blot blood test for antibodies specific antigens HIV infection
lymphaden/o cervical lymph nodes
axillary lymph nodes armpit lymph nodes
mycobacterium avium complex group of pathogens that cause lung disease
pneumocystitis opportunistic infection
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