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For many years, the 13 colonies in North America had done what for themselves without British help? governed themselves
Great Britain was in debt because of its wars with _________. France and Spain
What event is called when Boston citizens were heckling British soldiers and the soldiers opened fire on the citizens and killed several of them. Boston Massacre
What event is called when several colonists dressed like Native Americans Indians, sneaked into British ships and dumped the British Tea into Boston Harbor. Boston Tea Party
Because of British actions and taxes, the colonists decided to declare what from Great Britain? The Declaration of Independence
When was the Declaration of Independence approved by all colonies? July 4, 1776
France's Estate Generals were broken into 3 classes, what are they? The clergy, The Nobility, The Middle Class/Peasants
What population made up the clergy? 1%
What population made up the nobility? 2%
What population made up the middle class/peasants? 97%
The King refused to give the Middle class equal representation in government matters, so this cause the Middle Class to start the ___. French Revolution
This was a period of violence that occurred between rival political factions, marked by mass executions of "enemies of the revolution". Reign of Terror
____ was in control of public safety and had many people executed that didn’t agree with him or the French Revolution. Maximilien de Robespierre
What was the device used for summary executions that people in France saw in public? guillotine
In 1799, ___ overthrew the republic and made himself its ruler to establish order in France. Napoleon
Napoleon established a set of laws called the ______. Napoleonic Code
Napoleon made a fatal mistake attacking Russia in the winter, he left with almost __troops, but returned with less than _____. 600,000 / 40,000
Napoleon ruled France for only 100 days when he escaped the Island of Elba, the last battle in which he was defeated was______. The Battle of Waterloo
Who was the general that led the 13 colonies during the American Revolution? George Washington
How many colonies were developed by the English people in North America? 13 colonies
What was the turning point of the American Revolutionary War? The War of Saratoga
Why did the British government from England need tax money from the 13 colonies? Because it fought against France and Spain in major wars for world domination
How long did the American Revolution last, before the colonists finally received their independence? 5 years
Where did the first two battles that started the American Revolution started? Lexington and Concord
Who was the King of France that called on all 3 Estate-Generals to talk about taxes of France? Louis XVI (16th)
What democratic political party did the Middle Class/Peasants create that started the French Revolution against the King of France? The National Assembly
What was the name of the French prison that the French rebels invaded and stole their weapons? The Bastille
What was the name of the wife of King Louis XVI (16th) that was beheaded also like her husband? Marie Antoinette
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