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Carnegie Venipunctur

Venipuncture exam intro and tubes ma winter 2015

what is the main purpose of a venipuncture chair? Protects patient in the event of painting fainting
who mandates that we use gloves? OSHA
are the gloves sterile or non sterile? Non-sterile
at what point in the procedure do the gloves have to be on? Before alcohol
how do tourniquets work? Obstruct blood flow and distends veins
how long can you leave tourniquets tied? 1 to 2 minutes
can you type tourniquets over clothing? Yes
list some complications of leaving a tourniquet on too long hemoconcentration, petechiae, tingling, numbness, nerve damage, pain
what is hemoconcentration cells are concentrated in proportion to plasma
what is the most common antiseptic used in phlebotomy? 70% isopropyl alcohol
how does alcohol work? Inhibits bacterial growth or reproduction
howlong does alcohol need to be on the skin to be effective? 30 to 60 seconds or until dry
list 3 contraindications for using alcohol to clean the skin before venipuncture allergy, blood alcohol, blood culture
why do we clean the skin from inner to outer? To move the bacteria from one area to another
what does evacuated in a tube mean? The air has been removed there is a vacuum in the tube.
The larger the tube the what the vacuum? Greater
the smaller the tube the what the vacuum? the smaller the tube the what the vacuum? Smaller smaller
if you drive five milliliters of blood, how much serum will it produced? Two and a half million liters
what is the purpose of a clot activator in a tube? Speeds up the clotting process stimulates formation of a clot
list five types of tests that are run on plasma specimens coagulation, stats, whole blood, CBC, blood typing
serum specimens are used for what type of test? Chemistry
what is serum? Liquid portion in the tube after the blood clots with clotting factors without clotting factors
how long does it take for the blood to clot in a serum tube that contains a clot activator? 30 minutes
how long does it take for blood to clot in a serum tube that does not contain a clot activator? 60 minutes
what is thixotropic gel? gel that gets thinner when heated for educated agitated
what causes thixotropic gel to settle itself between the clot/cell and the serum during centrifugation? Gets thinner when heated, gel is lighter than cell, rises above, heavier than serum or plasma
what is the difference between an SST and the PST? One has serum and one has plasma
why is it important to invert tubes after you drop blood? To mix additives with blood
what is a short draw? Not completely filled/ Incompletely filled tube
how could a short draw alter test results? Increases concentration of additives, changes results
what could cause the vacuum in the tubes to decrease or disappear if tubes expire, taking top off
if the vacuum in the tube disappeared,what would happen to blood flow into the tube? the flow would stop or decreased
what happens to additives when a tube expires? They degrade
how could using an expired tube affect test results? If not enough blood or added to his, bad test results, inaccurate
clot activator speeds up clot formation
sodium citrate removes calcium, no clot formation
heparin inhibits thrombin, no clot formation, anti-coagulation
EDTA removes calcium, prevents clot formation, preservative
potassium oxalate removes calcium, prevents clot formation
sodium fluoride inhibits glycolysis,( breakdown of glycogen, )prevents cells from using preservatives
no the order of draw by color light blue, red gold red gray, green, lavender or pink, grey
Created by: ma2b