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Early Middle Ages

Early Middle Ages-GMS

The people who were most important in spreading Christianity throughout Europe were the popes, missionaries, and monks
Monks and missionaries were similar in that they both helped spread Christian teachings to new areas
Who built a European empire and was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800? Charlemagne
The great scholar king of the Franks was _______ Charlemagne
a missionary, converted the people of Britain and Ireland to Christianity. St. Patrick
What were the reasons for the fall of Rome? corruption of officials Asian invaders lack of leadership
What did knights receive in exchange for their pledge of loyalty to a lord? fief
The main duty of a vassal was to fight to defend his lord’s land
Feudalism began to spread to Britain soon after William the Conqueror invaded Britain.
Which of the following happened after Europe’s population began to increase during the Middle Ages? feudalism declined
The growth of European cities around the year 1000 was caused by the end of the manor system
The feudal system in Europe led to the development of a new economic system called the _______ system manor
What was the most important similarity between knights and samurai? They received land for their service. They both pledged loyalty to lords They both had peasants working their lands.
Samurai warriors and European knights both followed codes of behavior that emphasized loyalty
How were the Japanese and European feudal systems similar ? land was the basis of the system for both both had members of a noble class in charge of the land both had warriors to protect the land
In Europe, the strict code of honor followed by knights was called _____ . Chivalry
Japanese art of the middle ages was based on ___________themes, while European art was based on _______ themes. natural / religious
The basis of both the Japanese and European feudal systems was ____________. land
The knights of Europe could be compared to the Japanese ___________. samurai
Another name for a serf is a ____________. peasant
Knights are to chivalry what samurai are to ________________. Bushido
Japanese art reflected beliefs from what two philosophies: Shinto Buddhist
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