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Islam Review

Islam RELIGION where followers like by the example of the Qur'an and their prophet, Muhammad.
Muslim FOLLOWER of the religion of Islam
Name three things Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common. 1. monotheism 2. "Abrahamic" Religions 3. stories from the Torah or Old Testament
Muhammad main prophet and found of Islam, not divine, Allah revealed the Qur'an to him
Qur'an or Koran holy book of Islam
What are the five pillars of Islam? 1. prayer 5 times a day 2. giving money to the poor 3. fasting during Ramadan 4. pilgrimage to Mecca 5. belief in Allah as the one god and Muhammad as his prophet
What do Muslims believe about Jesus? He was a human prophet, not the divine savior.
Ka'bah center of Islam today (Mecca, Saudi Arabia), site Muslims pray toward and make pilgrimages to, holy site associated with Abraham and Muhammad
Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem that remembers the place Muhammad rose to heaven
mosque Muslim house of worship
What are Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and the Hajj examples of? Muslim holy days or celebrations
What are the two main sects in Islam? Sunni and Shi'ah
What country has the highest population of Muslims? Indonesia
What do the Sunni and Shi'ah sects of Islam have in common? They share basic Islamic beliefs and practices about the Qur'an and Muhammad.
jihad Arabic word for an internal struggle
hijab head scarf worn by some Muslim women to show respect, NOT a religious requirement
Allah Arabic word for God
Muslim day of worship Friday
Iman prayer leader in Islam
What about terrorism and Islam? Terrorists are EXTREMISTS or fundamentalists in the religion of Islam who do not represent the true vales of most Muslims and the religion.
sect a small group within a religion that shares core beliefs with the larger group
prophet someone God speaks through
divine god-like
Explain briefly how Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were founded. Abraham was monotheistic, forming Judaism. Jews believe in a messiah. Some believed Jesus was the messiah and created Christianity using ideas from J. Islam formed around Muhammad through one of Abraham's other kids. Muslims also used ideas from J/C.
Be prepared to disprove ONE of the following stereotypes about Islam. 1. All Muslims are Arabs. 2. Muslims are violent and promote terrorism. 3. Muslim women are required by their religion to wear clothing that covers their entire body.
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