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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Glossary

Abrasion An area on the skin, or some other surface of the body, that has been damaged by scrapping or rubbing
Acute Renal Failure A rapid loss of kidney function
Adverse Effect A harmful, unintended reaction to administered at at the correct dose
Aftercare Continued care of the patient following the acute phase of treatment for an illness, injury or condtion
Antepartum Relating to the period before birth
Arthritis An inflammation of joint(s), and may also involve the muscles and connective tissue
Benign Prostatic Hyepertrophy Enlargement of the prostate gland
Bladder Organ that collects urine excreted by the kidneys before disposal by urination
Cellutitis Bacterial infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Chronic Kidney Disease A progressive loss in renal function
Closed Fracture A broken bone that does not pierce through the skin
Congenital Anomalies Birth Defects or abnormalities present at birth
Convulsions Involuntary muscular contractions of extremities, trunk, and head
Decubitus Ulcer A pressure ulcer caused by lack or circulation caused by bones compressing the skin
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin
Dermis Layer of skin beneath the epidermis that contains blood, lymph vessels, sweat glands, and nerve endings
Dysplasia Abnormal development of tissue or organs
E Codes Codes used to identify the external causes of injuries and poisonings
Elective Abortion Legally induced abortion performed by a medical professional for the therapeutic or elective reasons
Epidermis Outer layer of the skin
Failed Abortion An unsuccessful elective abortion; the patient is still pregnant
First Degree Burn A burn that affects the epidermis only
Follow-up Care Medical encounters to evaluate a condition that has healed and/or no longer exists
Gestational Diabetes A condition in which women have high blood glucose levels only during the pregnancy without a previous history of diabeted
Late Effect A condition that appears or remains after the acute phase of an earlier, casual condition has resolved
Malunion Incomplete union of a previously fractured bone
Meninges The membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord
Nonunion Failure of a broken non to heal
Open Fracture A broken bone that pierces the skin
Osteoarthritis Gradual loss of cartilage of the joints
Pathologic Fracture A broken bone caused by disease
Perinatal Time from birth through day 28 following birth
Poisoning The act of administering a toxic substance; can result by the improper use of medications
Postpartum Time from childbirth to six weeks after child birth
Puerperal Sepsis An infection in the genital tract that develops during the postpartum period
Second Degree Burn A partial thickness burn involving epidermis and the dermis
Spontaneous Abortion Occurs without any intervention with drugs or instrumentation
Stress Fracture A small fracture of a bone caused by repeated physical strain
Subcutaneous Tissue that lies under the skin
Third Degree Burn A burn that that destroys both the epidermis and the dermis, often also involving the subcutaneous tissue
Ureters Structures that carry urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder
Urethra Structure that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
Urinary Incontinence Inability to control urination
V codes Reported to support services that are rendered when a patient does not have an acute medical condition
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