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AC-Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

What is the delta? A flat, triangular-shaped deposit of land found at the mouth of a river that empties into a still body of water.
What is the Nile delta? A flat, triangular-shaped deposit of land found at the mouth of the Nile river that empties into the Mediterranean Sea
Why was the Nile delta valuable to Ancient Egypt? The river flooded on a regular basis and brought nutrient rich soil to the farmlands
What was the form or writing developed by the Egyptians? Hieroglyphics
Which ruler was considered to be both a king and a god? Pharaoh
Define "theocracy"? A government in which rulers were considered divine figures.
What is the "Rosetta Stone"? Partial stone found in Egypt.
Who found the "Rosetta Stone"? Some of Napoleon's soldiers
What is the significance of the "Rosetta Stone"? Allowed for the translation of hieroglyphics
What about the Rosetta stone allowed for it to be translated? The writing included hieroglyphics and two forms of early Greek
What was the very first stone building in all the world? The Step Pyramid of King Djoser (Zoser) at Saqqara
What was the relationship between Egypt and Nubia? Egypt ruled Nubia for 1,000 years, Egypt declined, Nubia conquered Egypt
Why were Egyptian farmers more fortunate than the farmers of Mesopotamia? The Nile river flooded on a regular basis, the Tigris and Euphrates flooded sporadically
Created by: Benson_Deborah