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AC-Origins Judaism

Origins of Judaism

Who was "Abraham"? The father of Judaism
Why did he leave ancient Mesopotamia? He and his family were being persecuted for believing in and worshiping one god
What was the "covenant"? A mutual promise between god and humanity
What part of the world do the Jews believe is the "Promised Land"? Ancient Canaan, in present day Israel
How did the early Jews end up in Ancient Egypt? There was a famine in Canaan
How were the Jews treated in Ancient Egypt? At first they were treated well and then were made slaves.
Who was "Moses"? Why is he an important figure in Jewish history? According to Judaism - led the Hebrews out of Egypt, received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai
What was the "Exodus"? The trip out of Egypt escaping slavery, by Moses
According to Jewish history, what were the "Ten Commandments"? Ten laws forming the basis of Judaism, given by god to Moses on Mount Sinai
According to Jewish history, who received the Ten Commandments from god? Moses
Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments? On Mount Sinai
According to the ancient Jews, what was the "Ark of the Covenant"? The container constructed to hold the Ten Commandments
Why did King Solomon build a great temple in Jerusalem? To house the Ark of the Covenant, to honor the god who freed them from slavery
What were the achievements of Saul and David? Created a new Jewish kingdom - Israel
Name for the new Hebrew kingdom united under Saul, David, and Solomon. Israel
What is the "Torah"? First five books of the Hebrew Bible
Who is considered the father of the Hebrew people? Abraham
Define "tribute". Money paid by a weaker power to a stronger power in order to keep the peace
What was the first religion to teach monotheism? Judaism
Created by: Benson_Deborah