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What does the word "Mesopotamia" mean? Land between two rivers
What was the "Fertile Crescent"? Land between the Tigris and Euphrates that form an arc.
Why was the land between the Tigris and Euphrates called the "Fertile Crescent"? The land was shaped in the form of a crescent moon and was very good soil for growing crops.
What two rivers frame Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
Ancient Mesopotamia is located in current day _____________. Iraq
What form of writing was developed by the ancient Mesopotamians? Cuneiform
On what did the Mesopotamians write? Clay tablets
What were the achievements of the Mesopotamians? Invented the wheel, the sail, the first form of writing, bronze weapons, the potter's wheel.
What were "ziggurats" in Mesopotamia? Pyramid-shaped, tiered structure, temple.
What is "trial by ordeal"? Physical test determining guilt or innocence
Define a "dynasty". A series of rulers from a single family
Define "monotheism". Belief in a single god
Define "polytheism". Belief in many gods
Define "cultural diffusion". The process by which the ideas, beliefs, and products of one people are shared with and accepted by another people.
Define an "empire". The result of uniting several peoples, nations, or formerly independent states under one ruler
Define a "scribe". Professional record keeper
Define "barter". A way of trading goods and services without money.
Define "Bronze Age". When people began using a mixture of copper and tin to shape tools and weapons.
What were some of the weaknesses of the location of Mesopotamia? Unpredictable flooding, no natural barriers, limited natural resources
What was done by the Mesopotamians to respond to the weaknesses of their location? Dig irrigation ditches, build city walls, trading for raw materials
What is an "artisan"? Skilled worker, makes things by hand
Who is the creator of the world's first empire? Sargon of Akkad
How did Sargon of Akkad form the first empire? By uniting northern and southern Mesopotamia
Who was "Hammurabi"? King of Babylon
What was "Hammurabi's Code"? A list of laws and punishments
What is a "stele"? Large pillar like stone
Who supposedly built the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon"? Nebuchadnezzar
Why were the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" built? Nebuchadnezzar built the garden for his wife who liked lots of plants and flowers.
What building materials did Sumerians use to construct buildings? Clay
Created by: Benson_Deborah