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AC-Ancient RV Civs

Ancient River Valley Civilizations

Define "nomad". Mobile people who move from place to place searching for new food sources.
Define "hunter-gatherers". People whose food supply depended on hunting animals and collecting plant foods.
What was the "agricultural revolution"? Dramatic change in human life caused by the discovery of farming.
What was the "Neolithic Revolution"? Dramatic change in human life caused by the discovery of farming.
Define "domestication of animals". The taming of animals to raise them as a constant source of food or work.
What are three disadvantages of settling in one place? Diseases more easily spread, more susceptible to natural disasters, more easily attacked by other people
List the location and date of the first civilization in the world. Mesopotamia, 3,500 B.C.
List the location and date of the second civilization in the world. Egypt, 3,100 B.C.
List the location and date of the third and fourth civilizations in the world. India and China, 2,500 B.C.
What is a "surplus"? Producing more than what you need.
What is the importance of producing a "surplus"? Allows time to invent, create and produce new things.
How did the development of agriculture change life for prehistoric peoples? Stay in one place, build permanent homes, life was easier.
What are the five characteristics required to classify a group of people as having a "civilization"? Cities, specialized workers, advanced technology, record keeping, complex institutions
What makes a city qualify as part of a "civilization"? A large center of trade
What are "specialized workers"? People who develop skills for a specific kind of work
What are "complex institutions"? An organized system with many people, many tasks, and many goals.
Created by: Benson_Deborah