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Napoleon Vocab

Dictator who rose to power after the failure of the Directory Napoleon
War between several nations of Europe against France in order to bring back the monarchy First Coalition
An overthrow of a current government Coup De'etat
Napoleon crowned himself with this title Emperor of France
Created by Napoleon to make laws clear and equal Napoleonic Code
Good changes made by Napoleon Improved education Created a Bank of France & made everyone pay taxes Created the Napoleonic Code to make French laws more equal & clear Increased the size of the French empire
Bad changes made by Napoleon Used the military to run the country Limited freedom of speech & executed or jailed his critics Forced men to join the French army Continued fighting European wars
Napoleon sold this large piece of land to the USA Louisiana Purchase
A strict blockade of all British goods & a heavy tax on any non-french product Continental System
Invasion of this country resulted in disaster for Napoleon Russia
Natural event that caused the defeat of Napoleon in Russia Winter
Russian policy policy that included an attack on the French then a retreat while burning everything so Napoleon’s army can’t use them for food or shelter Scorched Earthy Policy
Island where Napoleon was first exiled Elba
Battle where Napoleon was finally defeated Battle of Waterloo
Conference whose main goal was to create a balance of power & keep peace in Europe Congress of Vienna
The 5 major powers of Europe redrew this map at the Congress of Vienna The map of Europe
Reason why map was redrawn by the 5 major powers of Europe at the Congress of Vienna To prevent any French aggression
Created by the redrawing of the map of Europe at the Congress of Vienna Buffer zone between France and major powers
Type of government that was reestablished by the Congress of Vienna Royal Monarchy
The major powers of Europe wanted to reestablish this in Europe Balance of Power
Alliance formed by England, Austria, Prussia, and Russia to maintain security and a balance of power in Europe Quadruple Alliance
The members of the Quadruple Alliance acted as this to put out any sparks of rebellion Firefighters of Europe
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