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Primal and Archaic


Nomadic Always moving
Hunter-gatherers Men hunt go where the food is, Women gather due to being children care takers
Tribal groups Their are families, all related
Small-scale communities No building or making of cities
Egalitarian society Everyone is equal in importance
Collective identity they all survive or dye together, no individual identity
Oral culture before letters or writing, not recording history
Animism / ancestrism all things have a life force, the whole world is alive
AMH anatomically a modern humans
Nature-based worship No buildings, worship in mountains, trees, sacred valleys
Shamans Medicine man, moves in between human and spirit realm
Totemic bond with animals Sacred "taboo" once a year spiritual, cant be used for normal services
Oral myths stories were told, no writing
AD After birth
BCE Before common era
CE common era
BP Before present
Century 100 years
Millennium or K 1000 years
Primal first in importance or order
Archaic its old but not as old as fist "primal", sacrifices begin here
Sedentary agriculturalists Stay in one place
c. Cerca "about" close to



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